April 11, 2023

Recovery Cafe Santa Cruz


In this issue:

Spring Fundraising Drive Happening Now!


Open House April 24



"Everybody Needs A Community"

Welcome to our first newsletter, where we share our members' triumphs and updates on our services. Join us in celebrating our members' growth and see how your support increases our program's ability to support them. Coming up on two years of services, we are now in the midst of our Spring Fundraising Drive. Please read on and see some of the amazing outcomes and services made possible by your donations.

Also, come check out our Open House on Monday, April 24th, 5:30-6:30pm, at the downtown Calvary Church, also known as the Red Church at Lincoln and Cedar Streets. Meet some of our Board, our members, perhaps even an intern, and a volunteer, and see the vision of how we are growing. All made possible with your help. Bring a friend to share the dream!

Looking forward to seeing you on April 24,

Serg Kagno

Executive Director

Recovery Cafe Santa Cruz

Call to Action:

• Give what you can!

• Get your friends to give!

• Come to our Open House!

• Bring your friends!

• Share this email and our social media posts with your friends and family!


Working together to make a delicious and healthy meal.

A first time at a Santa Cruz Warriors game at Kaiser Permanente made possible with their support.

A first time on a sailboat for some of our members hosted by a nonprofit partner, Sweaty Sheep.

Our CSUMB intern, Damiana, always with a smile for our members.

Hosting a tour of our sister Recovery Cafe in San Jose with Representative Jimmy Panetta. Pictured here with our very own, Marco, member and chef extraordinaire.

Celebrating our members' birthdays and successes!

Our very own Elaine Saulter, President of our Board of Directors, receiving a Volunteer of the Year Award.

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