“Retirement Redefined: The Risks, Rewards,
and Realities of Modern Retirement” 
Zeldis to Release New Thought Leadership Research on Seniors
The many issues and priorities facing today’s retirees inspired our Zeldis team to launch a new thought leadership research initiative. Using our extensive knowledge and experience in researching Retirement and Medicare topics for our clients, we designed the project to yield a 360 degree view of modern retirement, with topics including: financial planning, retirement income, longevity, Medicare and healthcare, long term care, and the impact of the COVID pandemic on retirement planning. 

Our Qual/Quant research effort is currently underway, and we look forward to sharing the findings with our clients and colleagues in early June. Learn more about the study objectives, methodology, and timing HERE.
Current Insights into the Insurance and Advisory Industries
The impact of COVID on insurance agents, brokers and financial advisors was the subject of new qualitative thought research conducted by Zeldis Research last fall. Highlights include these professionals’ responses to the challenges of COVID, and how they foresee their industries changing as a result of recent disruptions. View the Key Takeaways HERE and view the webinar presentation of the findings HERE.
And we are excited to add to our body of research on the financial advisor community in 2021 with new thought leadership focusing on women in the industry. Topics will include: barriers, motivators, target clients, and strategies/style/approach. As a woman-owned firm specializing in financial services, Zeldis has a particular interest in topics for and about women in the business. Additional details on this study are coming soon. If you would like to share or discuss your information needs on this topic, please email Amy Rey at amy@zeldisresearch.com. Zeldis self-funds this research and we make the insights available at no cost to our interested current and potential clients.
An Upcoming Exploration of Digital Health
Zeldis Research has been exploring telehealth since before the pandemic brought the approach into many Americans’ lives. Our thought leadership research on Teletherapy in 2020 studied the application of telehealth for behavioral health purposes. The study explored perspectives from both consumers and providers using a qualitative methodology. See the Summary of Key Takeaways HERE and learn more about our telehealth for behavioral health study HERE.

This summer, we will broaden and deepen our exploration of telehealth in a new thought leadership research study on Digital Health. We plan to explore consumer views on teletherapy, focusing on consumers new to therapy, their experiences with access, provider choice, first available vs. ongoing therapist, and motivations/obstacles to start therapy using virtual visits.

More details are coming soon. If you would like to share or discuss your information needs on this topic, please email Jeff@zeldisresearch.com. Zeldis self-funds this research and we make the insights available at no cost to our interested current and potential clients.
Tips for Conducting Research with Teens/Tweens, and
YES, They Even Talk About Insurance!!
Over the past few years, the Zeldis team has increased its number of in-depth interviews and online focus groups with teens and tweens on a wide variety of topics. For Zeldis, that has meant more exciting opportunities to speak with kids, including those as young as 12 and 13! The discussion topics range from lifestyle and media use to (yes, even) healthcare and financial services. HERE are some of our tips to get the most out of your time with younger participants.
IIABA We Did It Again!
Zeldis Research recently delivered the results of the 2020 Agency Universe Study (AUS) sponsored by Future One -- a bi-annual cooperative effort of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) and independent agency companies. Zeldis has been responsible for leading this research since 2012. The AUS provides information – much of it unavailable anywhere else – that is useful to independent agency principals, independent agency carriers, and the IIABA in its public information and education efforts. Insights include understanding how agencies operate, business strategies, technology usage, and opinions on the future of the independent agency system. For more information on the AUS, contact Madelyn Flannagan at Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Inc.: madelyn.flannagan@iiaba.net.
Zeldis Comings and Goings: SIR 2021
You didn’t have to travel to ‘be’ there! Zeldis’ Fred Gaudios, Karen Imbrogno of Acxiom, and Lizzie Egan of Comperemedia participated in a panel discussion: “An Insider’s View of the Insurance Market as We See it Today." They presented on April 15 at the 2021 SIR Virtual Spring Research Workshops Summit. Contact fred@zeldisresearch.com for presentation highlights.

Register HERE for the next workshops scheduled for April 22 and 29.
Zeldis Perspectives
Our own Amy Rey and Kristina Witzling on “Jeopardy!”
Zeldis team member Amy Rey won a coveted appearance as a contestant on “Jeopardy!” Wednesday, April 7th, with guest host Aaron Rodgers. Believe it or not, this is the second Zeldis team member to appear on “Jeopardy!”, with Kristina Witzling setting the company precedent in 2017 as a contestant with beloved host Alex Trebeck.
So as of now, 10% of our employees have appeared as “Jeopardy!” Contestants, and given our brilliant team, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more in the coming years!
Our Newest EVP Christine DiMeola
Congratulations to Christine DiMeola, a 13 year veteran of Zeldis Research Associates, recently named our newest Executive Vice President. Christine has been a Vice President since 2017, managing our Research Team and later, the Operations Department.
Over the last four years, Christine has maintained an unwavering focus on our company’s goals and the improvement of our processes. She has become a vital contributor to our strategic planning and her capacity to remain unflappable in nearly every situation has made her a champion mediator and problem solver. These strengths and her accomplishments have resulted in her promotion to EVP. Read more about Christine's promotion HERE.
Meet Our New Team Members
A hearty Zeldis welcome to our newest team members Jackie Seawright: Field Operations Director and Franco Rossi: Senior Field Operations Associate.
Jackie previously held positions as a Project Manager, a Process Improvement Facilitator and owned her own agency, providing consumer recruiting services to other firms. As Field Operations Director, Jackie is involved with the management and execution of multiple qualitative research projects, including overseeing the screening process, team motivation and/or training, management of data collections processes, and stakeholder updates.
Franco started as a focus group facility host before becoming a programmer at multiple recruiting companies within the market research industry. As a member of the Field Operations Team, Franco is involved with organization and project management of qualitative research projects from beginning to end.
If you have any questions, or suggestions for articles you'd like to see in future issues of The Zeldis Buzz, please contact me by calling (609) 737-7223, x207, or by emailing doris@zeldisresearch.com.
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