Spring '24 Team Placements / Season Update

Dear NSC Families,

Thank you for registering with Needham Soccer Club For the Spring 2024 Season. We are pleased to release team placements and rosters across all our 1st - 8th Grade teams, meaning you can now find out your team, team coach(es) and teammates you'll be playing with this Spring!

Practices begin: week of 4/1

Opening games for all programs: weekend of 4/6 & 4/7

While teams typically stay the same or similar between Fall and Spring, returning to the same team/coach is not guaranteed. Teams can be reshuffled to account for changes in registration, coaches, or identified imbalances. Click Here To Read Our Team Formation Policy.

Please note, we are unable to make roster changes at this time for any reason.

How To Access Your Team / Roster

Team placements, coaches, rosters and information are accessed via the GotSport Mobile App. The GotSport app syncs directly with our registration and scheduling platform giving all parents and coaches an easy way to communicate, manage schedules

Use the GotSport Mobile App To:

  • Find your team placement / coaches / roster information
  • Receive latest club or team news/updates
  • View club and team events on your app calendar (and RSVP)
  • Communicate with your coaches/team
  • And More!

Returning Players / Coaches

(already using the GotSport Mobile App)

Players / Coaches / NSC Families that already have the mobile app from a prior season, can simply 'refresh' (close and reopen) the app, to see team information for the Spring season.

New Players / Coaches

  1. Download the GotSport app on your mobile device (use the links below, or search "GotSport" in your app store).
  2. To login you must use the same email address you used when registering your child(ren) for the season on GotSport. If you are using a registered email address the app should recognize you automatically. If you are asked to create an account, the email address you are using is likely not associated with your registration.

Full Guide For Accessing & Using The GotSport App Linked Below

Note – Users should login with the email address used for your GotSport account to automatically access your team(s)

Waitlisted Players / Late Registrations (Nov. 6th Deadline)

Some players that were registered after the 11/6 deadline may not currently be placed on a team for Spring '24. However, waitlists will be reviewed ahead of the season and even early season spaces can open up. You will be contacted if we are able to add to a team. Anyone not placed is refunded in full.

Practice Schedules / Dates

We are in the process of forming schedules and specific team schedules are not yet available. Final schedules are always pending release of our official permits from the Town of Needham, but we aim to release our anticipated schedules with as much notice as possible.

  • 1st Grade NSC Junior Academy (NSCJA) - Saturday Only
  • 2nd Grade NSC Junior Academy (NSCJA) - 1 weeknight practice per week
  • 3rd-6th Grade NSCCL ('in-town') - 1 weeknight practice per week + NSCCL Clinics Some Saturdays
  • 3rd-8th Grade BAYS Travel - 2 weeknight practices per week.

Some initial dates including start dates and NSCCL clinic dates will also soon be available via the club calendars in the GotSport Mobile App, with more to come.

All practices will begin week of 4/1 with opening games for all programs to begin the weekend of 4/6 and 7.

Questions? email admin@needhamsoccer.com
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