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The BIG Eclipse April 8

Planetary Activity

Eclipses for 2024

Forecast for all Signs



Happy Easter and Spring to Everyone! Happy Passover April 22!

The Big Eclipse April 8

This is a Total Solar Eclipse and in the United States there will not be another one until 2044! You will be able to view the eclipse anywhere in the United States but the path of totality stretches from Maine to Texas. Because I am a Cleveland native and started my astrology practice there many of you on this email list live in the greater Cleveland area so you will be able to view the eclipse in totality (remember to wear your protective glasses). Here is a list of states where totality occurs according to NASA: Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and small parts of Tennessee and Michigan.

In Cleveland, Ohio the eclipse will last for 3 minutes and 50 seconds and it will begin at 3:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time.

When a solar eclipse falls within 4 days of your birthday or 4 days and six months from your birthday, you experience some change in lifestyle. It can be a happy experience, like moving to a new house, or a more challenging experience depending on the rest of your chart. If you know your astrology chart then look for planets or points around 19 degrees or Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Birthdays when the Sun was in these degrees are January 8 -12, April 7-11, July 9-13 and October 10-14.

Planetary Activity

Mercury Retrogrades on April 1 at 27 Aries and turns direct on April 25 at 16 Aries, aligning with birthdays April 5 - 18 and October 8 - 21. Transportation, communication and paperwork errors are likely for all signs but more so for Gemini, Virgo, Libra and Aries or any of these signs rising in your chart.

Mars conjunct Saturn April 10 at 14 degrees Pisces. All Pisces have had added responsibility and a few setbacks with Saturn in Pisces. This alignment adds an extra amount of frustration and possible financial concerns for Pisces born March 3-7.

Jupiter conjunct Uranus April 20 at 21 degrees Taurus. If you are born from May 10 -14 this conjunction will occur on your Sun which could bring an unexpected event that results in an awakening and greater awareness of your life's direction. The event could happen weeks before or after April 20. For some Taurus folks, it can be quite lucky, it all depends on the rest of your chart.

Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25 and remains in the chatty, youthful sign until June of 2025 when it enters the family sign of Cancer. Jupiter is the planet of luck, good fortune and opportunity. Anyone who is a Gemini or has planets placed in Gemini should have new, fortunate experiences in 2024 providing the rest of the chart concurs.

Mars retrogrades this year on December 6 in the royal, magnanimous sign Leo (6 degrees) and does not move forward until February 23, 2025 at 17 degrees Cancer.

Upcoming New Moons & Full Moons

April 8 Total Solar Eclipse 19 Aries 24

April 23 Full Moon 04 Scorpio 18

May 7 New Moon 18 Taurus 02

May 23 Full Moon 02 Sagittarius 55

June 6 New Moon 16 Gemini 18

June 21 Full Moon 01 Capricorn 07

Eclipses 2024

If your birthday falls within 3 days of these dates, you can expect a lifestyle change in the coming year. There is only one total solar eclipse in 2024 on April 8.

Lunar Appul. March 25, 2024 05 Libra 07

Solar Total April 8, 2024 19 Aries 24

Lunar Partial Sept. 18, 2024 25 Pisces 40

Solar Annular Oct. 2, 2024 10 Libra 03

A look ahead for all signs: Your Spring Forecast

Aries: You could be adding a new car, computer or cell phone to your possessions. Your neighborhood is a place of joy and community. Be friendly. Everyone has personal limitations. Whatever the obstacle, respond to it with an upbeat and hopeful approach.

Taurus: Finances could finally improve. Handle your money wisely so you have a nest egg for your future. Your perception of life is about to change. Share your joy with others. You may have to say goodbye to a friend or exit from an organization or group.

Gemini: Jupiter enters your sign bringing hope and optimism for your future. Now is the time to enjoy life, spend some money, have a new adventure. If you've taken on a leadership roll, expect to be challenged by either a Capricorn, Aries or Pisces.

Cancer: A pilgrimage my be a way to connect with your past or your ancestors It will bring renewal and regeneration. In-laws may demand a lot of your attention. Set healthy boundaries. Charitable acts are never forgotten. Little acts of kindness reverberate.

Leo: You will either make a new friend or find your social life bursting with activity. If you do a ritual to set an intention, it will materialize. Keep an eye on your financial records and check for unauthorized charges. You could be singled out for an important task.

Virgo: Spring cleaning leaves you with a renewed sense of self. A relationship may hit a critical point. Just remember you cannot change the other person. A travel adventure may emerge spontaneously. Go for it! A compliment comes your way for a job well done.

Libra: You are never too old to learn new things. Sign up for a course, the Internet offers plenty of new and intriguing topics. Spring is a great time to increase your physical activity and get in better shape. A financial matter could put money in your pocket.

Scorpio: Young people are a challenge. Sometimes acceptance is the best strategy. Financial checks and balances could reveal a way to save money. Creativity sometimes hits a snag. Find a muse or an inanimate object to bring your back to peak performance.

Sagittarius: New alliances are now possible. You may have a secret fan or admirer. Family issues pile up on your plate. Be willing to take affirmative action. The project before you will be infused with imagination and originality and lead to great success.

Capricorn: A new routine benefits your physical and mental state. Stick to the plan and you will prosper. Harsh words cannot be withdrawn. Be extra careful with emails, texts and verbal communications. A Taurus or Capricorn bings new joy to your life.

Aquarius: Cash could be limited so this is the time to cut a few corners and design a new, more realistic budget. A Sagittarius or Gemini brings fun and entertainment into your life. Home improvements yield stunning results. Let your imagination run wild.

Pisces: Mars and Saturn test your endurance. Use your resources and ingenuity to rise above difficult situations. A family member brings a gift. Choose a book with an uplifting message. Journaling helps you connect with your feelings and desires and obtain goals.

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Below: Had a lovely vacation with fellow astrology friends in St. Pete Beach, Florida in January. From left to right, me, Arlan Wise, Anne Ortelee, Alexandra Karacostas. Long friendships are the most precious.

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