Spring 2023

Moorage License Renewals 2023/2024

Keep an eye out for your moorage renewal email coming soon! Please renew your online contract, and provide payment by March 1, 2023 to secure your slip. We continue to have large waitlists, and will need to release unrenewed slips. Moorage rates will increase at the rate of October BC Consumer Price Index of 7.8%. We continue to try to keep these increases to a minimum while providing a superior marina experience.

Mossom Creek Hatchery

Although this is a story about recycling is much more than just trees and sea creatures. It's about taking a natural process to the next level. These trees can become mini habitats. They even go so far as to mutate the value and meaning of the Christmas tree metaphor and further glorify the tree. Christmas trees are special even when all the decorations go. Mother Nature will now find an other way to adorn a Christmas become a "Tree of Life".


In this mail I will attempt to show how your old Christmas trees can go on to become seawater habitats. Definitely they become a sea-life sanctuary. 


Life as a tiny sea creature is one of constant peril, constantly seeking refuge. This is not a lot different for almost all creatures...This is where we step in. We are all aware of the declining wildlife all over the planet...we are globally aware; but here right where you live you can make a small difference.  


This is about the mission of the Mossom Hatchery . It is about a project that is supported in many ways by the Reed Point Marina and staff. We are trying to raise aware citizens, letting them know that they can make a small differences. At the hatchery the volunteers all get together, explore and learn to understand about nature and this will hopefully/subsequently change their behavior.


These are lofty objectives for the act of simply recycling a little tree. Plus it makes a great excuse for an interesting excursion on the ocean. 


A little too whimsically verbose,

Rod MacVicar

Member, Mossom Creek Hatchery Group

High Speed Internet is now available!

Connectivity Alliance offers a number of options. See Full Brochure

15 Mbps - no term - $25/mth 15 Mbps - 6mth term - $20/mth

30 Mbps - no term - $35/mth 30 Mbps - 6mth term - $30/mth

50 Mbps - no term - $69/mth


Electrical Infrastructure Fees

Most marinas charge an “infrastructure” fee each month to create a sinking fund which will enable them to replace the electrical infrastructure over time. Reed Point has only charged a fee to boathouses, but as we start to replace our aging electrical infrastructure at startling prices, we realize that the fee is required for all slips. Accordingly, as of April 1, the new moorage year, we will implement an electrical infrastructure fee for each outlet. The amount will depend on the needed infrastructure and draw for each outlet. All will be well below the industry average.

The fee will be charged quarterly to all slips along with the per/kwh usage charge starting in the first quarter of the next moorage year. (April – June) The rates will depend on the amperage and voltage supplied to each meter. – see list below.

*Most slips in the marina are 30amp – 120V



Monthly Fee

30 amp



30 amp



40 amp



50 amp



50 amp



100 amp or High Voltage Feed



High Voltage Feed (208 – 3 phase)




Water gets shut off for the winter each year from mid November to mid March, or until there is no longer the chance of frost in the forecast. Water is available at the fuel dock during this time.

Dingy Racks

Dinghys must either be stored on your boat, or on the racks provided, as long as they are clean, inflated, and in good condition. They also must show a visible sticker. Spots are non reserved, and first come first served. To get a sticker, or replace one that is no longer visible, please see the office. Dinghys without a sticker, or in poor condition, will be removed.

Docks and Fingers

Keep the docks clear for all. Any items left or stored on docks and fingers will be removed.


No liveaboards allowed in accordance with our lease with Vancouver Fraser Port Authority.

Marina Hours

Office Hours

8am to 4pm - Monday to Saturday

Fuel Dock Hours 

9am to 4pm daily til March 11, 2023

Restaurant Hours

Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday: 9am to 4pm 

Friday and Saturday: 9am to 9pm

Monday and Tuesday: Closed

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