Navigating the Re-opening of Society

While navigating the road to our new normal it is important to still make time to prioritize yourself and for reflection. By continuing to prioritize the self care and reflection time we became accustomed to in the past year, comes clarity and the ability to stay calm in our now increasingly busy society. A clear and peaceful mind is critical now more than ever as society navigates through the uncertainty of reopening and lessening restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. With this, it is important to normalize anxiety that may surround the reopening of greater society as well as the re-entering into society as individuals.

In addition to boosting adult's mental health, time in nature provides a plethora of benefits on children's development. Studies show that these benefits include improved physical health, cognitive health, emotional health (increases in self-esteem), social skills, play skills (increases in creativity), and mental health (deceases in hyperactivity and better overall moods).

Below are a few fun ways for you and your families to ground yourself by being in nature, or to socialize with others in the warm weather that spring brings.