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May 2019
It's time to talk about travel once again! I've been hiding behind my computer for the past few months thinking of what trips to suggest in this newsletter based on client requests as well as looking at the latest travel trends for 2019 & quite honestly, I feel like I've been chasing my own tail. Not because I don't have much to offer. On the contrary, there is always too much on offer that sometimes, you just have to prioritize the places you want to see in one's lifetime and tick away at it. After seeing a list from a client who has so diligently kept records of every country she has visited and the ones she is yet to see, I realized that each of us have this genuine desire to fulfill our own life list, whether you have it written down or not. Below are just a few of the of destinations worth considering if it hasn't been on your radar!
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to be on top of the World
Nepal once held the most travelled to destination for my clients back in the late 90's. I recall having the slurry of trekkers vying to get their seats on flights at least 6 to 9 months in advance or you were out of luck. The Himalayan region still offers the traveller an experience that cannot be found elsewhere. To be in awe of the planet's highest mountains and peaks, with the beauty of the Nepali people make this country well worth placing on your list.
For those who are intimidated by thought of high altitude trekking, this tour may well be for you. This is an excellent introductory trekking experience in the Annapurna region with upgraded accommodation using luxury lodges. Ending with game viewing in Chitwan National Park, this trip showcases the diversity this country has to offer.
13 Days from CA$4999 pp
with Jordan or Sudan
Anyone who knows me knows my love for the Middle East and in particular, Egypt & Jordan. These two countries still rank as one of my top travel destinations, not only for it's ancient sites and culture, but the genuine friendliness of it's people. For first time visitors, you are transported through pages of ancient history visiting the tombs, temples, and ancient cities that have stood the test of time. To see it in person is pure magic.
Egypt and Jordan
From the Valley of the Kings to the awe-inspiring ruins of Petra, this adventure through Egypt and Jordan reveals so much more than the fascinating sphinxes and tombs. Cruise down the Nile, visit traditional village communities, overnight at a Bedouin camp, and dip your feet into the crisp salt waters of the Dead Sea. Just a taste of what is on offer in this incredible trip of a lifetime.
16 Days from CA$5900 pp
Egypt and Sudan
When people hear the word pyramid they instantly think of Egypt. A little known fact is that Sudan has twice as many pyramids as its neighbour and just as rich of a history. After having explored the wonders of Egypt, this tailor made tour crosses Lake Nasser into the lands of ancient Nubia, where one can gaze upon the haunting remains of Moroe, once the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Kush, to end the journey at the merging waters of the Blue and White Niles in Khartoum.
18 Days Tailor-made Tour
from CA$9345 pp
Brazil by River Boat
You may be aware of the change regarding travel visas for Canadian passport holders to Brazil. If you are yet to hear the news - they simply are no longer needed!
This tour is not for the faint at heart. A true exploratory cruise visiting a uniquely enchanting habitat along the amazon’s rich diverse ecosystem. This is the kind of cruise that brings forth a an adventurous spirit and foregoes the comfort levels for genuine experience. The reason I started in the travel business almost 30 years ago was because of trips such as these where it’s more about the journey than the destination.
Highly recommended for travellers who are looking for the trips of old! 
16 Days from CA$5860 pp
Mountain Gorillas, in my opinion should be on everyone's list. Up close and personal watching them in their natural habitat combined with the lush beauty of Uganda, known as the Pearl of Africa, makes this trip one of the most unique and emotional experiences you may ever have. There are approximately 1004 Mountain Gorillas remaining in the world and an estimated 400 within Uganda's Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Combining this with a safari in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania's national parks would complete the safari dream!
6 Day Fly-in Tour from US$3490pp
Small group tours in Uganda and Rwanda also available
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