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Volume 2 | May 2019
Where Science Meets Stewardship
CHWA CESU Newsletter
Spring 2019
Volume 2, Issue 2
Research Coordinator's Corner
In this edition of the Research Coordinator's Corner, Dan welcomes new partners, shares news of recent collaborations, and discusses the upcoming annual meeting.

Annual Meeting Update

The Chesapeake Watershed CESU is excited to announce our 2019 Annual Meeting taking place at Howard University’s Interdisciplinary Research Building in Washington DC. This meeting is an excellent opportunity to learn more about our partners, the type of work that is ongoing within the network, and any upcoming initiatives.

You can learn more about the agenda of the meeting, along with logistics information, RSVP, and Zoom information on the CHWA CESU meeting page . Space is limited so please register soon!
Join the Database
This database, developed in conjunction with our host university, the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science – Appalachian Laboratory, will serve as a clearinghouse for our federal and nonfederal members when seeking researchers with a specific expertise or discipline. 

You can search the database or complete a profile from the main database site .

We encourage all researchers from both our federal and non-federal partners to create a profile! We will be actively using the database to identify partners for federal agency projects. It takes about 7-10 minutes to complete a profile if you have an up-to date CV and and photo ready. Everything entered in your profile, including the text of your CV, will be searchable to database users. In addition, we will be requiring all database members to annually update their profiles or they will be removed, ensuring the information is current. 

If you’ve never had a CESU project before and are looking to engage, then create a profile today! You can get started by submitting an application .

CHWA CESU Project Spotlights
NPS Archeology Lessons in Spanish
In an effort to better engage Spanish-speaking communities in National Park Service (NPS) activities, the Archeology Program at the Washington Office of the NPS worked with the University of Maryland’s School of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures to translate eleven lesson plans into Spanish through a CHWA CESU agreement from August through December, 2018.

NAS Oceana Dam Neck Dune Stabilization and Restoration
Since 2006, the National Aquarium and the U.S. Department of the Navy have conducted sand dune stabilization activities along installation beaches at Naval Air Station Oceana (NASO) Dam Neck Annex (DNA). This ongoing CESU project has involved community volunteers in efforts to restore sand dunes.

About the CHWA CESU
Founded in 2001, the Chesapeake Watershed Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CHWA CESU) is a partnership among fifty-three (53) research institutions and eleven (11) federal agencies whose members strive to understand and protect the natural and cultural resources of the region.

The CHWA CESU streamlines the process by which research institutions learn about federal agencies and grantors post Requests for Statements of Interest. Research institution partners provide leadership in watershed science and stewardship with special emphasis on the watershed of the Chesapeake Bay. 

The next CHWA CESU Newsletter will be published in November 2019. 

Do you have ideas for the next CHWA CESU Newsletter? If so, let us know! Contact Dan or Rhonda with your suggestions.

The CHWA CESU Newsletter is made possible through funding from the National Park Service.