Spread the Word About
COVID-19 Scams

Each year our community outreach staff provides more than 150 seminars and presentations on scams, fraud and ID theft. While we can provide fraud seminars over ZOOM, we just cannot reach as many residents as we would like. Yet, because there are so many scams surrounding COVID-19 we need your help to pass this information along to your family and friends.

I am concerned about those who believe that " people who get scammed just aren't paying attention" or "only old people get scammed." In fact, neither of those statements are true. Scammers are professionals who know how to convince and con people out of money and personal information. Regarding the statement that, “only old people get scammed," in fact, mega social media users and millennials are more likely to be scammed than other cohorts.

When you forward this information along, please be sure to share with younger folks. Scammers are ruthless.

Please consider following us on Twitter and Facebook where we will continue to provide updates and information surrounding COVID-19 scams.

A side note about our office. While how we are working may look different, I assure you, our staff and the courts continue to work on your behalf to keep Denver’s residents safe.

Remember, if you believe you have been scammed, call our office at the number below to let us know. The more information we have, the more we can share with others.

I hope you are all well and doing your part to keep Denver COVID-19 numbers down. Please stay well.