At LFHS, students are able to start taking journalism classes as English electives their junior year. Each semester about 40 students are enrolled in Writing for Journalism & Media Communications 1 and 2. Carlson said that over the seven years that she has worked at the high school, she has watched the journalism program grow and become more visible in the school and the community. 

The journalism curriculum includes writing, editing and production of the school’s newspaper, The Forest Scout. The foundation’s consistent support of the journalism program has enabled LFHS students to have access to high-quality equipment, such as digital cameras and high-resolution monitors, which allows for real world experiences capturing, reporting, laying out and editing, and sharing news and events within the school and throughout the community.

Foundation funding has also supported printing of the newspaper (pre pandemic) and moving The Forest Scout to its current online webpage format, which is updated daily to bring a unique student voice to the high school community.