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Con Paulos Chevrolet brings the Magic Valley together for 100 Acts of Kindness

Con Paulos Chevrolet has had an incredible 100-year history as a Chevrolet dealership. Over 45 of those years have been in Jerome and the Magic Valley, which has created strong bonds with the local community, customers, and the Magic Valley business community at large.


In celebration of their 100th anniversary, Con Paulos Chevrolet and the Paulos Family Charitable Foundation launched the “100 Acts of Kindness” program that provided recognition to individuals and organizations that have made an impact on the community.


“What made this program special is that it was truly community activated,” said Paulos. “The majority of recipients were nominated by their families, friends, peers or neighbors -- those that were positively impacted by these people and organizations.”


This grassroots process made Con Paulos Chevrolet’s 100 Acts of Kindness a program that could recognize and reward deserving recipients from large organizations like St Luke’s of the Magic Valley and Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs of Jerome, to individuals that had made a difference in their community through their actions or inspired us through their stories.


Awards ranged from church organizations, schools, and community charities, right down to individual people that helped their elderly neighbors with snow removal or volunteered to coach kids or supported veteran’s activities. There were even gift baskets sent to medical personnel that treated victims in Ukraine. The scope of 100 Acts of Kindness was as broad as imaginations and the giving spirit of those that made the award nominations.

“We wanted to give back to the community that’s given us so much over the decades,” said Paulos. “But we wanted to do it in a way that brought us together as a community with special emphasis on the Acts of Kindness part. I think that’s what really makes us a special place.” 

The program kicked off with a $100,000 donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Jerome at the beginning of 2022 and continued with weekly awards throughout the year. It culminated with a year-end event where one individual won a new Chevrolet Spark. In all, over 1000 organizations, groups and individuals received 100 Acts of Kindness awards and donations totaling over $200,000.


Con Paulos Chevrolet is a founding member and investor in Business Plus. Over the past 30 years Business Plus has joined like-minded business leaders together to grow our economy. Our mission is to ensure that we all play a role in Southern Idaho’s economic growth, business investment, talent recruitment and training. “By increasing involvement and investment in Business Plus, we secure the economic future for ourselves, our kids and grandchildren,” said Paulos. “Investing and getting others to invest in Business Plus is good for your company, community, family and friends. And it’s where you can truly contribute and join other business leaders in the Magic Valley to grow our future.”

Read more about Con and Lisa Paulos and their 100 Acts of Kindness for 2022 in KMVT's December 29, 2022 story or the Times-News December 31, 2022 article.

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