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Working to Re-establish the Status Quo
The emergence of COVID-19 last year led to the fastest timeline for the development of a vaccine in history. Scientists and companies around the world worked relentlessly to develop, stage clinical trials and get approval.

There are several Maryland Life Science member companies that have been at the forefront of vaccine development for COVID-19 and several have vaccines that are being distributed across the country at rapid speed.

Here are the latest developments in vaccines from AstraZeneca, Emergent BioSolutions, Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, and Pfizer:  


  • AstraZeneca worked with the University of Oxford to develop its vaccine and it’s currently been given conditional or emergency use approval in over 50 countries.  
  • Their vaccine has a protection of over 70% after the first dose and can be stored and transported at normal refrigerated conditions for at least six months and administered in existing healthcare settings.  
  • AstraZeneca is collaborating with several global organizations to be a part of providing equitable access to their vaccine in 145 countries.  

 Learn more: www.astrazeneca.com
Emergent BioSolutions

  • Emergent BioSolutions is developing two potential treatments for COVID-19 that are plasma-based.  
  • Emergent BioSolutions has seven CDMO collaborations with government and industry partners who are working on vaccines and therapeutics for COVID-19.  
  • In its Baltimore facility, Emergent BioSolutions is producing millions of doses of both the Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines.  

Johnson & Johnson 

  • Johnson & Johnson used similar processes and technology from their Ebola vaccine to jumpstart the development of its COVID-19 vaccine.  
  • Results from the Phase 3 trial show that its single-shot vaccine is 66% effective overall at preventing moderate to severe COVID.  
  • Recently, Johnson & Johnson submitted its application for its single-dose vaccine to the FDA for emergency use authorization.  

Learn more: www.jnj.com 


  • Novavax announced the development of its vaccine in February 2020 and recently announced the start of the rolling review process for multiple regulatory agencies while it completes its Phase 3 trials.  
  • Novavax has announced agreements with New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada to provide doses of their vaccine.  
  • In its British trial, the Novavax vaccine saw an efficacy rate of 89%. Learn more about how the vaccine works in this New York Times article.  

Learn more: www.novavax.com 


  • Pfizer partnered with BioNTech to develop their vaccine and are on the verge of reducing the production time for it from 110 to 60 days. Read more about the production process in this USA Today article.  
  • Pfizer expects to produce globally 1.3 billion doses of their vaccine this year.  
  • Recently, Pfizer has agreed to supply UNICEF with its vaccine on behalf of COVAX to reach at-risk healthcare workers in low income and lower-middle-income countries. 

Learn more: www.pfizer.com
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