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addresses Adding multiple email addresses
A lot of people have more than one email address and would like the convenience of having ticket receipts sent to each one.

In Wintix, all you have to do is enter each one separated by a comma (no space) and receipts can be sent to multiple email addresses.

Click here to see an example.
backups How many backups should you keep?
Back up every day and save the last seven backups (one week's worth). Beyond one week, backups are of minimal value.
printer Datamax-O'Neil is discontinuing its S Class printers
Orders will not be accepted after December 31, 2014 and will not be shipped after March 31, 2015. If you are interested in purchasing a very fast thermal ticket printer to replace your Datamax 4203, 4204 or 4205, please consider purchasing the Datamax ST 3210.  Though, they are being discontinued, these printers generally last more than a decade, depending on your use. 

For more information about purchasing printers, contact Diane Rowe, 831-583-0641 or

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giftGift certificates for holiday giving
Don't blink! The Christmas holidays will be here before you can bat an eye.

Promoting gift certificates is a perfect way to help your patrons give a memorable, personal present and boost your holiday sales.

If you have Webtix for online sales, it's even easier for your patrons to buy gift certificates since they can purchase them at their convenience.

Learn how to set up a gift certificate in Wintix for online sales in Webtix.
qrHow to add QR codes to your tickets
Are you using or thinking about using bar code scanning for ticketing?

If so, consider using QR codes, a type of 2D barcode.
2D barcodes are also known as quick response codes because they enable fast data access, and are often used in conjunction with smart phones.

It's also fairly simple to add QR codes in Wintix so they print on your tickets.

Bar codes offer considerable advantages:
  • Improve profit by eliminating the acceptance of counterfeit tickets. Bar-coded tickets stop the problem.
  • Avoid charge backs by running a report of who attended. This way you can prove which tickets were used in the case someone claims they did not attend.
  • You can run a report of people who purchased tickets and did not attend. If season ticket holders do not attend, they are not likely to renew their subscriptions. These people need a call.
2D bar code scanners are also becoming much more affordable.

 Learn more about barcode scanning and Scantix, our Wintix barcode scanning module.
authnetoutage outage affected Webtix ticket purchases
Earlier this month, some of our Wintix and Webix customers experienced server outages and weren't able to complete ticket sales, either online or in-house.

We learned there was a network outage at that affected internet connectivity for a brief period of time.

Here's a link to our Help Desk post about the outage

If you are using and experience an outage, the best way to learn if is the cause is to log into your account.  You can see alerts under the "Announcements" header.

You can also go to their Facebook page, where they post status updates.

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