How Spiritual Science Transformed the Silver Screen
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With so many new subscribers, we thought this would be a good opportunity to present some new material we have on the Star Wars backstory as well as some articles that our new community subscribers may not have seen before.  

It seems that the interest in Star Wars never ends for Anthroposophists who "knew" that some of the ideas they were seeing on the Big Screen came from spiritual science - and they were right. The legends were passed around for decades before Tyla convinced Douglas to write these experiences of helping Marcia Lucas rewrite the treatment for Star Wars. 

At the time, it was scandalous that a Waldorf teacher training institute was associated with a Hollywood movie. Some Waldorf schools strongly rejected movies and TV and were not interested in Star Wars at all. But now, the interest is a tremendous and has inspired us to present the core of what was supposed to have been communicated through the Star Wars movies.

Novalis has told us that history must once again become a fairy tale. That was Douglas' part in the script - making it a fairy tale that teaches Steiner's spiritual science on the silver screen.

It was a "spiritual Imagination"that can help all of us around the world awaken to the force.

Tyla and Douglas Gabriel

Source of the Force
Part 1: Language of the Spirit

Source of the Force


Source of the Force
Part 2: Star Wars Fairy Tale

Spiritual Science Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

I would like to share with you my personal experience of collaborating for three days in the early 70's with Marcia Lucas and a small team of Anthroposophy scholars on the script of Star Wars and my recent discoveries about how that foundational work affected the writing, editing and expansions of the original Trilogy.

First of all, it seems fitting that my first encounter with the origins of Star Wars - a modern fairy tale ultimately about the return to spirit - would happen at Christmas time, a season in which humanity recalls its sense of spirit and hope.

I was a student at the Waldorf Institute at the time, and remember the day that I first met the characters of Luke Skywalker, R2D2, C3PO, and the entire Star Wars entourage. Yet, when I first encountered them, they were more like two-dimensional paper-dolls in an unfinished script, before their true meaning had been breathed into them. 

For example, Luke Starkiller as I met him was a far cry from the Skywalker he turned out to be.  You may be surprised to learn that the story in its early form was depicted through the machinist eyes of two robots, not yet the familiar, crowd-pleasing epic that would become one of the most famous and endearing movies in the world.

Midi-Chlorians and the Force Revealed

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indian Jones


.....I can honestly say that the depth of what I told Kathleen in that first telephone call, and two other similar calls, simply cannot be shared outside of esoteric circles. There are great and powerful secrets implicit in certain types of archetypal symbols and parables (stories) that shape human intellectual and spiritual development. I shared many of those ideas with Kathleen to try to drive to the heart of what "stories" embody for the collective consciousness of humanity. 

She was asking about the hidden meaning behind stories to try to find the core wisdom. This noble motivation inspired me and I shared stories with her from obscure sources that explain the past with self-evident wisdom, frame the present as the eternal now, and predict the future from the eternal frameworks which move us from the past into the future. The Ark of the Covenant is one of those stories.


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