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The Spiritual Experience Workshop
Speakers will share their experience


When: April 17, 2021
Where: 75 Capri Lane (Lake Havasu Fellowship Hall)
Time:    2:30 to 4:00 PM


Around AA
Items of AA information found in a Grapevine of 1971.
Spiritual Arithmetic
As you all know, the new U.S. Postal Service raised the letter rate to 8 cents on May 15. And I am sure we are all aware of the fact that the postage is one of the largest part of the budget of the General Service Office. WOW think about our cost in the mail today.

The person who wrote this article gave a wonderful idea back then. It can work still today. Here comes the pitch. After hearing a talk about Birthday Plan. Let's see -- one dollar for each year times 2. example sober 3 years equals $3.00 times 2 equals six and send to GSO for your birthday!
Grapevine Daily Quote
"Success and failure share a common denominator...Both are temporary

August 2001 AA Grapevine
District 09-903
Looking for a Recording Secretary. If you might be interested in doing service work please come to the 3rd Monday of the month at 6:00 pm
Location: 603 Marina Blvd Bullhead City AZ
Central Office
Looking for a someone to assist with the monthly Newsletter
Please contact Roxanne 404-702-8700

Marina Group
The Marina Group will be moving April 1, 2021 to 833 Suite 1&2 on Hancock. Doors will open at the 6:30 a.m. for the 7AM meeting. The Alano Club will be closing for a remodel. Any questions about the club please contact JoAnn R. 928-763-5105

Founders Day
Will be celebrated June 12th, 2021
Please mark your calendars.
Where; Chaparral Golf & Country Club
1260 Mohave Dr. Bullhead City 86442
Hot Dog, Chips and Soda $8.00

Stimulating Interest in General Service

Most A. A. members are primarily interested in their groups, in their own sobriety, and in helping other drunks one-on-one. And that is as it should be. While the work of general suffers--- the connection is not always direct or obvious. Some stimulators are usually needed to get the attention of A.A. members---to show them that service can add a rich dimension to their sober lives and Twelfth Step work, and that their participation is vital to the future of A.A.
Good Communication is a vital importance. In personal Twelfth Step work, there is a no end to communication. The sponsor talks with the drunk; speakers share their experience; we share to each other. But when it comes to genera service work, communication has a tendency to break down. It can take hard work to get the attention of alcoholics, bolt of recovery to think about another phase of their new lives. Once A.A. members are well informed about service, they often want to become involved and to take on their own service responsibilities.

In many areas, the delegate and area committee members make themselves available to visit group or district meetings and talk about general service. Workshops on the Traditions, Concepts, or other aspects of service are often an effective way of spreading the word of service.
Taken from The A.A. Service Manual S23
List of Groups & 7th Traditions Year to date 2021

  • Big Book Study Workshop $50.00
  • Drunken Donuts Group $130.00
  • Freedom & Joy Group $50.00
  • Candy Meeting Group $40.00
  • Couples in Sobriety Group $160.00
  • Top of The Hill Group $80.00 plus Faithful Fiver $25
  • Meadview Group
  • Four Horsemen Group $94.20
  • Bullhead Women's Group
  • Friday Nite Live Group
  • Golden Slippers $26.00
  • Laughlin Group $350.00
  • Good AS IT GETS
  • Friends of Bill W $150.00
  • Emotional Sobriety
  • Back to Basics Group
  • Marina Group
  • Share Group $88.00
  • Sun Group $850.00
  • Sober on the Mount Group
  • Up the River without a Paddle
  • Patio Group
  • Pass it On Group
  • Cone Mtn Newcomer Group
  • Surrender Group
  • Sunday Nite 12X12 Group $79.20
  • Wed Nite Men's Stag Group $75.00
  • Needles Desert Group $100.00
  • Tuesday and Thursday 10am-3pm
  • Wednesday 10am-6:30pm

We're looking for more volunteers to help keep the office open more.
Central Office Activity
Recap of January 2021,February 2021 & March 2021
Meetings at Central Office:
  • Intergroup Meeting Second Monday @ 6:30 PM
  • Dist. 09-903 Business Meeting 3rd Monday @ 6:00 PM
  • River Roundup 3 Saturday of the Month