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Me being an astrologer, you can imagine how inundated I've been with people asking me if I can predict the Election! Well, no, not really. Nor - from the many articles in trade journals, horoscope magazines, and internet sites of professional astrologers - can many of us in the profession. Either there are predictions that are intensely certain it will be one or the other of the candidates, or it's all clear as mud! The nature of this crazy election is that it's foggy, hard to skry, and all in all a big mess.
What I think I'm seeing is a contested outcome. Then, perhaps, uprisings. I think things could get very ugly. (Hopefully, not too ugly.) The Inauguration Chart is more telling... and, I think, it favors Trump. (If you want to know what aspects I'm looking at, email me.)
No matter who takes office, the nation will obviously remain very polarized and events will spawn contention. My metaphysical lady friends and I were having dinner last night, and this topic arose. One of my dear friends voiced her opinion that we were being (cosmically) forced to go within and create our own nice world in our personal sphere. My other dear friend thought we might just need to relax and see what happens while waiting for our next go-round (incarnation). I opined that the involuntary integration of refugees into Western culture might be God's way of compelling us to become one people (however long that will take) despite powerful religious and cultural differences. "From a national identity to a planetary identity" is, if I remember right, a paraphrase of what was said.
We are undoubtedly "living in interesting times". Historic, actually. I've already written an article for Dell Horoscope, to be published in January, regarding matters after the Election. It didn't look disastrous to me - I think we'll find our way back to quietude if not harmony... because that's what Americans do.
It might be helpful to remember that America's symbol, the eagle, is also the Phoenix in its elevated form. This means that we'll rise out of our ashes to be reborn as something new and more spiritually powerful. The floating eye above the pyramid on the dollar bill is also a meaningful symbol; it refers to the need for higher consciousness in order to complete the divine mission of the nation. So regardless of this irrational period, the seeds are planted for a better tomorrow.
On that optimistic note, I'll sign off. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and give thanks that we are here to bear witness (and maybe play a role) in this significant epoch.

With blessings, and always with Smiles,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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PREPARED TEXTS JOINING OTHER CHANGES IN TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN: REVISION MEANS LESS OFF-THE-CUFF COMMENT AND MORE SUBSTANCE - USA Today, 8/22/16 (Prediction: A milestone period shifts his energy from showmanship to practicality - Spirit's Words, August 2016)

- USA Today, 8/17/16 (Prediction:
"Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources.") - Spirit's Words, May 2012)


          In the world chart, matters concerning territory and stability are emphasized from the 14th on ( Full Moon in Taurus ). Intensity in communications begins the month ( Mercury conjunct Pluto ).There is a push-pull on the markets all month ( Pluto semi-sextile Saturn, square Jupiter ). The 20th shows an idealistic tone ( Neptune station direct in Pisces sextile Venus ). The 23rd indicates depression ( Mercury conjunct Saturn ), and the 25th economic pressures ( Venus conjunct Pluto ). Starting on the 29th, a new effort at cultural exchange begins ( New Moon in Sagittarius ).
          Our nation struggles against manipulation all month ( Pluto opposite U.S. progressed Jupiter ). The first week is calm ( Saturn sextile U.S. Saturn ) but Election Day (11/8) indicates feelings of rage ( Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Pluto ). By the 10th, normal functioning is blocked via legalities, possibly a recount ( U.S. progressed Midheaven sesquiquadrate Saturn ). It doesn't look like there will be a clear winner right away. Handling matters well is possible during the second week ( Jupiter sextile U.S. Ascendant ). Important governmental decisions are announced on the 14th ( Full Moon in U.S. H6 sextile U.S. Mercury/progressed Node, trine U.S. Neptune in H9 ). There is excess mid-month ( Jupiter square U.S. Sun ), and extreme volatility by the population on the 19th ( U.S. progressed Moon opposite U.S. Uranus ). Business slows during Week Three ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. Saturn ), and habits are called into question by the 20th ( Neptune station direct square U.S. Uranus ). Healing discussions are attempted during the last week ( Uranus sextile U.S. progressed Mercury, conjunct U.S. Chiron in H4 ), but the 27th-29th shows a great deal more volatility that won't slow down ( New Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Moon, opposite U.S. progressed Uranus exact; U.S. progressed Moon sesquiquadrate Mercury ). What a mess this Election is!
Hillary Clinton has an internal struggle between how she is and how she wants to present herself this month ( Solar Arc Ascendant square her Sun ). The first week is favorable, very supportive, and exciting ( Uranus sextile her Saturn; Saturn sextile her progressed Moon, trine her Mars/Saturn; Venus opposite her progressed Uranus ). However, it is also unrealistically hopeful and over-buoyant ( Jupiter conjunct her Neptune, square her Progressed Sun/progressed Mercury ). She looks good and feels loved on Election Day ( Sun conjunct her Venus ) but there is some blockage ( Saturn conjunct her progressed Jupiter ). Everything comes to a head on the 14th ( Full Moon conjunct her Node/Descendant; Jupiter sextile her Mars/Saturn ).
Donald Trump continues under financial pressure all month ( Pluto square his progressed Venus ), is very frustrated during the first days of the month ( Mars opposite his Saturn/Venus, square his progressed Ascendant ), but feels an increasing sense of liberation too ( Uranus sextile his progressed Uranus/Node ). From the 5th-6th, he feels loved and popular ( Venus conjunct his Moon, opposite his Sun ). On Election Day, he is calm and sensible ( Mercury trine his Saturn ). Mid-month is a mature and serious time ( Saturn sextile his progressed Venus/Jupiter ), with an important event on the 14th ( Full Moon conjunct his Midheaven ). From the 20th-21st, he is inspired and in a celebratory mood ( Neptune station direct trine his Mercury; Jupiter conjunct his progressed Venus ).





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Is today's world really insane? Well, an argument can certainly be made for that. From confusion regarding candidates in a presidential race, to uncertainty over the validity of global warming, from aggressive actions on the world stage, to intense divisions in ideology and between races, that argument can surely be offered. Many people feel alienated from lifelong friendships and even family, and there is a pervasive sense of anxiety felt around the globe.
You may not agree in characterizing today's world as insane but you or close ones likely have experienced a sense of uneasiness about the state of things, and perhaps even about your state of mind. Things seem upside down, and security is hard to feel.
So the question is, are there ways to return to calmness and reason when you live in this era?
The Dalai Lama says there are four steps to take: 1) Repeat positive, calming mantras; 2) Meditate regularly; 3) Live in the present; and 4) Get into nature. I love all four tips so much that I posted them on my Facebook page.
But I have another trick or suggestion that you might want to use. I call it pulling back the camera, or zooming out. Think of yourself as participating in a drama - the movie of your life. How often do you see the Big Picture? Or, are you struggling with day-to-day immediate issues and perceiving primarily the people and the situations closest to you without that vista? How often do you universalize your experience, or see it against a global background?
If you were watching the movie of your life, you might be in a room with your character and some others. Or perhaps the Cosmic Director zooms out and shows you getting into your car and driving down streets or boulevards or thruways. In rare cases, the camera lifts up from the earth and gives a bird's eye perspective. You might be a dot, or a little larger. I've even seen a true cosmic perspective where the viewpoint pulled away so widely that the Earth, the Sun, the Solar System all receded into the galactic whole.
Well, we don't need to do this in order to save our sanity, but while acting in our day-to-day movie, and being aware of our confusion or agitation, we can open up our mind so that we see a truly big picture. Maybe we start to see and fathom what this situation that we're in today means against our greater life path. Maybe we see ourselves as one of a community of people who follow a purpose or adhere to a belief. Maybe we see our daily problems against a greater chronological backdrop.
When this is the case, we can make better sense of things. We can see that the person who is irritating us at the moment is a teacher to us, maybe not in the most benign way but certainly in a powerful way. We may see that the situation we're embroiled in is a wisdom-producing experience that will stick with us throughout the rest of our lives. We may see that our participation in our individual, particular movie script, is part of history that is taking place around us at the moment.
The point is, when you can pull the camera back and see the whole more from the Director's chair than from the actor's, the result is a changed perspective, a perspective that gives a sense of understanding, and perhaps even empowerment.
If your job is to be sane when the world feels insane, then that is your task now, and you can do it well despite the challenges of the moment.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2016 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "The New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose", by Eckhart Tolle (Plume, 2006)
Eckhart Tolle is one of our era's most respected and influential spiritual teacher and the author of a previous bestseller called The Power of Now. This book furthers his primary message that by learning to move one's life experience from the distraction of thought to the serenity of Presence, humanity will usher in a new society in which the suffering of the typical human experience will eventually be reduced or removed. The primary teaching regards the production of thoughts being equivalent to the creation of one's world, and then the realization that without constant thought formation we are left with simply the Now (which he also called Presence or Being), which in turn reveals the blissful state of harmony with nature, and peace or oneness within the self.
This desirable state, Tolle avers, is reached simply by letting go of thought. He makes the point over and over that it is our thinking about things that builds our sense of identity (or ego), and that by building ego we necessarily create want, desire, and all the things that go along with whatever ego goes after. These things can be worldly achievements or they can be inner attainments but nevertheless since all such things are temporary and subject to change it is more or less a formula for disappointment, suffering, disillusionment, and the feeling of lack. So the best alternative, he tells us, is to be without thought and thus create a state in which we are without ego.
This is not different from Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism in which the dissolution of ego and the connection to the divine are recognized as the spiritual path to enlightenment, but Tolle contemporizes it with his language and references. He rarely makes use of the word karma and hardly of the word soul. Mostly he talks about ego identification and the inner journey away from that and through what could be called meditation techniques.
In order to carry the reader into these concepts, his ten chapters include The Flowering of Human Consciousness, Ego: the Current State of Humanity, The Core of Ego, Role-Playing: The Many Faces of Ego, the Pain-Body, Breaking Free, Finding Who You Truly Are, the Discovery of Inner Space, Your Inner Purpose, and finally A New Earth. His writing is eloquent and well-organized. One of the most powerful chapters - The Pain Body - describes how the pain-body renews itself, feeds on your thoughts and drama, and even expands it to not just your individual history but gender, national, and racial pain-bodies... a very fascinating chapter. He does an excellent job of delineating what this is - how it is built up and strengthened to ill effect, and how the recognition and release of it is the cessation of identifying yourself as a victim.
In a way, however, I found his formula or teaching too simplistic. People have karmic dilemmas and are also subject to cosmic energy patterns, which we astrologers call transits and progressions, and during certain periods in anyone's life suffering can be the order of the day. Any wisdom that reduces or gets one released from suffering is, of course, to be treasured. The suffering can be of an emotional nature such as divorce or loss of a loved one; the suffering can be of a physical nature such as disease or maiming; and the suffering can even be of an ideological nature such as the ruin of beliefs. One would need a tremendous amount of spiritual accomplishment during these times to cease thinking and to remain present. Tolle addresses this, but quite lightly, with some examples from his clients. Towards the book's end, his concepts get harder to grasp. When he speaks particularly of stopping time by stopping thought. This may be a difficult concept for many people but makes perfect sense within his overall theory.
Another quibble is that the utopian goal of the New Earth requires a large proportion of humanity to be in an evolved state of consciousness, which is stupefyingly lacking in our present era. The individual can certainly strive to follow this wisdom and reach equanimity and oneness but it is apparent that the New Earth is still a "far distant" goal. We live in a primarily young-soul world.
There can hardly be any reason to resist reading this wonderful book, for even if its stated goal seems a "distant" thought, Tolle's words can have an immediate and transformative effect upon any open-minded reader. Highly recommended.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - November '16

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 

Even when clouds form on the horizon and storms are brewing, there is still the opportunity to find peace and even delight in one's daily doings. The outer world may seems turbulent; the outer world is comprised of many people's beliefs, thoughts, and desires. And when there is turbulence, it means that this multitude of thought production is clashing within itself. Just as air masses collide and cause thunder and lightning, so do thoughtforms especially when grouped into ideologies or passions cause great disturbances. And yet the individual soul living within this timeframe, feeling as though his or her mind is being continuously buffeted, can still find peace.
Peace is found via a different and elevated perspective; that is to say, when one peruses the arena of clashing beliefs one does so as an observer and not a participant. Also, one can get through the maelstrom by quieting the inner experience so that less thoughts are generated concerning the stormy doings while more thoughts are generated regarding positive emotions and gentle feelings such as are produced through meditation or the focus upon natural beauty or the perfection of Mother Nature.
When this effort is successful, a person flows through his or her life with calmness and simple delights. There is no disturbance within that one's breast regardless of outer turmoil. In fact, this is the task of this era. You can say, it has been designed as such so that detachment from the fray and delight in the simple moment are the lessons to be mastered.
Happy journeying.

© 2016 by Judi Thomases

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