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In May, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the MetaMeet group, discussing the concepts in The Wisdom Keys, extracting their deep and somewhat complex meanings, and seeing how these can be interpreted in a simple way and applied to our lives. The group has become cohesive; we're enjoying not only the exploration of these concepts but also incorporating materials from other spiritual books, using fun techniques to develop our latent paranormal abilities, and reporting our real-world instances in which some of these concepts have been utilized or shown themselves to exist. All manner of spiritual, mystical, and metaphysical ideas has been welcomed, and some of the group have reported real gains from this work. Teaching and participating interactively in this manner feels like the realization of a deep mission in my life. It's gratifying and it's fun. Our celebration included wine, snacks, goodies, and friendship.
Juxtaposed against this was the awful news of yet another terror attack. The word "terror" is horrible, invoking our deepest fears. But the events are more awful still, representing the slaughter of innocents for no other reason than a stupid ideology illustrative of the lowest level of consciousness that humans can display and believe in. We discussed some of this as well: If we're not personally in law enforcement, or in any military or governmental position, what can we do?
We can seek to raise the planetary vibration, which is done by bringing more light into ourselves and then radiating (sharing) that light with others. We should vehemently reject not only the base ideologies of people but also any institution that wants to perpetuate and sustain that in today's world.
To be fully Buddhist would be to find complete detachment from the evils of the world, to reach a stage of transcendence, open-heartedness, and peace... which is the wise end-goal of one's life journey. But sometimes before attaining that mastery, a passionate support of what is good and right is mandated. At least that is what my spirit guides have been offering me, and I realize that throughout my life I have always gotten most incensed about injustice, and most passionate to defend what is right.

The slaughter of innocents isn't right. Maybe I have a Saint Michael's complex but my passions are coming from a deeply spiritual part of myself that can't ignore what has been happening and is ongoing in the world. So, I'll continue to be a fighter. But I'll also continue to be a teacher, and hopefully a little bit of a role model for some of my students.

Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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Judi Thomases has four decades of experience as an astrologer, helping clients navigate their energy patterns to make good choices. Judi is author of
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(broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
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"THE VIEW AHEAD - DELL HOROSCOPE YEARBOOK 2017"What does the New Year hold?  What energy patterns are shown in the Inauguration Chart, and in the nation's progressed horoscope? 


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"Each individual mind is a protrusion into the material world of one vast cosmic mind." 
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A ROYAL WELCOME FOR TRUMP IN SAUDI ARABIA - USA TODAY, 5/21/17 ( Prediction: "President Donald J. Trump is coming into his natural strengths regarding his goals, and gaining support from allies." - Spirit's Words, May 2017

DIVIDED STATES OF AMERICA, NEWS JOURNAL, 5/21/17 ( Prediction: "Perhaps the deep divide worsens in our nation, and the polarization of the population that we've been seeing steadily splits us into something like a mid-section versus two coasts - almost like a Civil War but without weapons." - Karmic Waves: The Destiny of the United States... and You!, Dell Horoscope Magazine, May 2006

( Prediction:  "Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources." - Spirit's Words, May 2012)

GEORGE SOROS GETS SOME CAREER ENDING NEWS AFTER TRYING TO DESTROY TRUMP -, 4/27/17;TED CRUZ GOES AFTER SOROS AND OBAMA WITH STUNNING NEW INVESTIGATION - 3/15/17, ( Prediction: "George Soros' horoscope is under sudden and heavy pressure that may result in legal charges or a health scare ... it is unlikely that he will escape his history unscathed." Spirit's Words, April '17)

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In the world chart, blockages have been gradually lessening ( Saturn trine Uranus ), and there is much innovation in Week 1 ( Node trine Uranus ). The 9th is a stellar day, good for romance, focusing on beliefs and ideals, and offering blessings ( Venus sextile Mars; Full Moon in Sagittarius; Jupiter station direct trine Sun ). However, the 16th shows over-optimism ( Neptune station retrograde quinqunx Jupiter ). A fresh start regarding domestic issues is indicated on the 24th ( New Moon in Cancer ).
For our nation, the month shows a tug-of-war between open-mindedness versus outrage ( Pluto square U.S. progressed Mars; Uranus sextile U.S. Moon, square U.S. Pluto ). Economic blockage is shown on the 2nd ( U.S. progressed Venus square U.S. Pluto ). Over-commitment is likely on the 9th ( Jupiter station direct square U.S. Sun exact, conjunct U.S. Saturn in H10 ). The 10th-13th can activate pleasantries ( Mars conjunct U.S. Venus/Jupiter ), but the 11th brings upsetting news ( Mercury conjunct U.S. Uranus ). There is some inspiration and optimism on the 16th but also some confusion ( Neptune station retrograde trine U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter, quinqunx Saturn ), followed by arguments on the 17th ( Mercury conjunct U.S. Mars ). From the 21st-24th, a lot of grappling with ideas in the media ( Mercury trine U.S. Saturn/progressed Mars ). Strength and military success are indicated from the 25th-28th ( Mars conjunct U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter ).
President Donald J. Trump begins the month with inventive moves ( Uranus trine his Mars ). On the 9th, he is focused on domestic progress ( Full Moon conjunct his Node in H4 ) and enjoys good news and successful plans ( Jupiter station direct sextile his progressed Mercury ). He is willing to fight during Week 2 ( Node conjunct his Mars ). From the 17th-19th, he shoots off his mouth ( Mars conjunct his Mercury, square his progressed Mars )! He will take stock of blockages during Week 4 ( Saturn quinqunx his Saturn, sextile his progressed Jupiter ). From the 29th-30th, he enters a psychological shift, tweeting excessively, and enjoying accolades ( his progressed Moon into H12; Mercury square his Jupiter; Venus conjunct his Midheaven ).
James Comey , FBI Director, can be arrogant this month ( Jupiter station direct square his Mars ), but must deal with pressures and old fears until year's end ( Pluto conjunct his Saturn ). Although he will find gradual liberation during this life phase ( Saturn and Uranus in Grand Fire Trine to his Uranus ), he must face karmic payback by month's end ( Saturn conjunct his Sun ).
Hillary Clinton is going through a forced transformation now through the end of 2018 ( Pluto conjunct her progressed Ascendant ). She has some kind of protection all year but feels stuck and sad ( Saturn trine her Saturn, square her Moon, opposite her Uranus ). Throughout 2017, and continuing since 2015, she remains in a fantasy ( her progressed Sun/progressed Mercury square her progressed Neptune ).
(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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When you go through a store looking for your item but passing many enticing things that call out to you, and when you then stop, pick up that item, examine it for a few seconds, and put it into your shopping cart, that is called Impulse Shopping. Stores are strategically planned to encourage this, and the tactic has been developed into a scientific method based on years of research into shoppers' patterns. It is a behavior probably more common when one walks through a physical store with tangible objects than when one shops online because the online shopping experience usually consists of a search for a particular item. However, even then, when shown a display on your computer screen of multiple items in or near your category, the same impulse shopping pattern might apply. Shopping for items can also be expanded to shopping for services, and some of these same sales techniques and behavioral responses could still hold true in this regard as well.
But there is a different behavior that can be honed by any shopper. The different approach consists of activating and paying attention to your intuition.
The intuition is a subdued voice in most people's heads. In metaphysics, it is known as the "small still voice within." It is a guidance principle, or navigation system, that helps you through life in many situations besides shopping, of course. But let's see how it works in this way.
As you walk through the store looking at interesting or colorful items, and signage specifically designed to grab your attention and stimulate your desires (that which has become known as "consumerism"), you may not be listening to the small still voice within that is flagging your attention to an item you need but had forgotten about, or better still, will need and do not yet know. That inner voice, also known as the "in-tuition" (inner teacher) wants you to wake up and connect to things that are currently at play, or even precognitively, will soon be at play.
It is as though the intuition knows what will be needed before the logical mind does.
Speaking of the logical mind, it is a much stronger voice in your head than your intuition, and often analyzes your subtle clues, and may even reject them based on its analysis. The logical mind can serve well when the even louder voice of desire kicks in, and the feeling of wanting overrides considerations such as budget, storage space, or necessity. The voice of desire is the loudest voice in your head. Think how helpless the small still voice within is in contrast to the voice of desire! Therefore, it becomes necessary to train yourself to listen to this exceedingly helpful but soft inner guidance system.
Practice listening to it as your walk through the aisles of your supermarket, department store, home goods, or electronics emporium. As you scan items and are barraged by signage, try to quiet all of that and listen to that inner teacher. Not only will it help you to stock your pantry with that which you will need and may not even know as yet, but it will eventually teach you how to make the right choice of which item, and when to buy it.
This is Intuitive Shopping, the mastery of which can only be beneficial to you in all of life's encounters.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "History is Wrong", by Erich von Däniken ( New Page Books, 2009)  
Does von D äniken always write in such a confrontational style? Admittedly, I never read his huge bestseller ,Chariot of the Gods, or any of his other 29 books, but this book offers fascinating subject matter interspersed with annoying rants about reneged agreements from erstwhile partners, imploring justifications about his theories, and plenty of ridicule directed towards religions, certain scientists (and their methods), and even a barb thrown at astrology!
He seems to see himself as the sole voice of reason regarding many esoteric items, their true origin, and some rather wild but captivating ideas about their history... all of which appears to be focused on boosting the author's ego! His tone is chatty but belligerent, and he often stops to ask the reader for support of his suppositions. His command of language is excellent, and he is obviously a master of these sort of publications.
The items discussed in this book range from metal plates and stone carvings hidden in a cave system in Ecuador, heretofore-lost biblical texts (especially the Book of Enoch) that portray early God visitations as actually extraterrestrial overseers, the "famous" Voynich manuscript, the Nazca lines in the Peruvian desert, and the linkup with the founder, and formative writings, of modern-day Mormons. Wow, what a concoction!
When von Däniken sticks with expounding on his unconventional theories of these diverse and far-flung things, weaving together ancient and new-found material, it's a terrific read. The author is very well-read, and has obviously done a lot of traveling to find stuff in museums, sacred sites, archeological digs, and many other places around the world. He has a broad knowledge of the world's sacred writings, and makes reference to many that are applicable to his theories.
To the best I can determine, his theory holds that... Rather than the divine God ("Most High", "Great Glory") and host of angels of early man's biblical revelations, these were really technologically advanced extraterrestrials and their Captain, of whom a mutinous crew ("fallen angels") slept with humans, encoded their history on secreted metal plates to last for thousands of years ("in the future"), chose a special human ("Enoch", "Hermes") to be transmutated by their sciences on their ship, where he's awed by "crystals and stars", and enabled to teach writing and other skills to his race; they then helped him and others escape the Flood in order to bring these teachings to the Americas and hide them there, where, in due time, they would be found in a cave in Ecuador, and by a psychically guided person (Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormons) in Pennsylvania who would establish a new faith, the histories of which (Books of Ether and Nephi) would help us "future" humans to grasp this revealed information as not miracles of God but just super-advanced technology. By that time (i.e., now!), the extraterrestrials will return ("Second Coming").
But to what end will this message that "history is wrong" be meaningful to today's world? Is it to debunk religions? To challenge science's conclusions? To open our eyes to some longed-for new perspective about mankind's evolution? He says in an Afterword that he has founded an organization called Archaeology, Astronautics & SETI Research (AAS) to "find recognized evidence of the existence of a visitation to earth by extraterrestrial beings at some time during man's early history." This seems to be his life's purpose. But then what?
Von Däniken has made a very good living with publications along these lines, so who am I to say I don't recommend this book? Part of me says it sounds like science fiction; another part says (because of his well-researched scholarship), well, it could be true! I leave it to you.


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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - June '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 

  Take not the sense of distress into your fibers without first acknowledging its concurrent opposite, the sense of hope.
Distress or despair - the lows of emotion - are treated and healed by hope and enthusiasm - the highs. When these are juxtaposed in one's disposition, they have the effect of canceling each other out, neutralizing both sides of the coin. It is an art to be practiced. It should be practiced at all times, for although the highs of hope and expectation lift one's spirits and place one into joy, they are as ill-serving as the lows.
Why is that? Because, as is plain to see in daily lives, everything always changes. The wheel goes 'round. So, if you are in a high, it won't remain, can't be arrested and held, must continuously change. The best place to be in any wheel is the center, for it changes least and holds fast to its state. The worst place to be is the outer rim, for that is where change occurs the most, and where the shifts are the greatest or most dramatic.
If we speak of the wheel as experience or karma, it is easy to fathom how one can rapidly change from ecstasy to despair, and of course, back again and again. Its constant rotation and continual change are the basis of instability.
Go, then, within. Find not the most transitional place but the least. A place of neither highs nor lows. A place of centeredness or neutrality. It may feel like sacrifice, and sometimes may feel like boredom, but it is by far the most sensible and safest spot to be. Apply this to your life. You will find release. You will find serenity. You will no longer be subject to life's vagaries but you will become a master of it.
Set yourself in stillness, and be well.

© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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