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I'm very touched that several of my readers have asked me about the wellbeing of my son who endured extensive surgery for kidney cancer in late January, being that I have not updated his condition since. Several readers were so kind as to pray and/or light candles for him. To do this for a stranger, even though the love was tangentially directed at me, is extraordinary, and I'm full of appreciation.

So, to update anyone interested, my son is still healing from the removal of diseased organs and is being treated by the new process called immunotherapy. We think it's working and will have results by next month.

However, it's also important to mention that the crisis has been at the basis of many wonderful psychological, physical, and maybe even metaphysical changes in him. His horoscope, to me, always proclaimed good fortune, maturity, and excellent care at this time. This was a prediction I gave him as early as the first diagnosis in December, indicating mid-July as the peak of the fortuity - at which point, he scoffed, saying that was so far away. Well, six to eight months is not that far away when one undergoes a big surgery and ongoing treatment, as some of us (more senior) individuals are aware.

Among the benefits that have occurred directly related to the crisis are: healthy weight loss, better eating habits, more exercising, more socializing with coworkers, more contact with his entire family, and in general, most likely greater self-esteem and happiness.

To me, this illustrates an important metaphysical point, which is that our lessons, tribulations, and the dark patches of life we sometimes must walk through have a purpose. The purpose is to awaken the soul and open the heart. Wisdom, compassion, and empathy can come out of such experiences. We need our suffering, for - as the Brotherhood of Light Workers says - it is the abrasion that produces wisdom. But we don't need to dwell in our suffering. In fact, if we focus on the positives that can be derived from the experience, we can transcend the pain faster - pain, meaning emotional wounding, or the physical stuff - and we can live in the moment.

The moment can be long or short as the soul wishes. The moment is always the Now, and we always have the choice as to what emotions and narrative to attach to the Now. I have found in my practice that some people have a helluva time detaching from the suffering, and they want to perpetuate it by going round and round in their thoughts about it and dredging up the difficult emotions connected to those thoughts. These people, consciously or not, are extending their suffering... sometimes indefinitely.

Often, no matter what I can counsel or the Brotherhood can say, the individual makes that choice. But every once in a while, a person will realize the nature of choice within the moment. And sometimes this happens even in the midst of physical pain or psychological anxiety, and they will deliberately shift their story, their narrative, until it becomes the story of the silver lining. That person then gains control and mastery, becoming enlightened. But more importantly, becoming happy.

That's all I'll say today about my son and his journey. Or you can say, about my journey or yours. All's well here. Thank you for your kindnesses.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Uranus in Taurus" in the May 2018 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, archived here.

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(broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
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  RECENT ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE - October 2017: "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

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( Prediction: "[Mueller] is Trump's nemesis but somehow also Trump's protector.") - Spirit's Words, Jan. '18

( Prediction: "There will be upsetting news and confusion if he fools himself now.") - Spirit's Words, Jan. '18
( Prediction: "The Federal Bureau of Investigation's future indicates a necessary transformation and purging. It would not be surprising if the agency is dismantled starting January!") - Spirit's Words, March '18

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 Hope and generosity begin the World's month ( Venus in Grand Water Trine to Jupiter, Neptune ) but there is stress on economies or currencies by week's end ( Venus opposite Pluto ). Hopeful inspiration returns on the 18th ( Neptune stations trine Jupiter ) but the 22nd is counter-indicated for love ( Mars opposite Venus ). The 26th sees humanitarian efforts ( Mars station in Aquarius ). Slow cautious results occur by the 28th ( Full Moon conjunct Saturn exact in Capricorn ).
For the United States, drastic changes and unexpected outbursts fill the month ( Uranus quinqunx U.S. Midheaven ) but the 18th partakes of inspiration and idealism ( Neptune station trine U.S. progressed Jupiter ). A kind and loving pattern is shown on the 20th ( U.S. progressed Moon trine U.S. progressed Venus ). Much innovation is available on the 26th ( Mars station trine U.S. Uranus ). The last week is fabulously lucky ( Jupiter in Grand Water Trine to U.S. Sun, progressed Sun ). Month's end is constructive although slow ( Saturn opposite U.S. Jupiter, trine U.S. progressed Ascendant ).
President Trump encounters resistance all month ( Pluto quinqunx his Node ) but there is healing through the 12th ( Mars trine his Neptune ). From the 8th - 16th, he encounters ups and downs in efforts to please, eventually enjoying a celebratory period ( Venus in positive and negative aspects ). A major period featuring independence, high energy, and restlessness is seen on the 13th ( New Moon conjunct his Sun exact/Uranus, opposite his Moon ). The 18th brings old problems ( Neptune station square his Uranus ). He is high-minded and caring from the 20th - 22nd ( Venus sextile his Neptune/progressed Mars ), and from the 23rd - 25th he can make a strong economic move ( Venus conjuncts his Pluto ). Week 4 brings worries or disillusionment ( Saturn square his Neptune ). On the 26th, he is angry but energized ( Mars station trine his progressed Mars, opposite his Pluto ). The 28th is confusing but very pleasant ( Full Moon opposite his Mercury, square his Neptune; Venus sextiles his progressed Venus/Jupiter ).
Robert Mueller faces karmic "dues" from mid-month through December ( Saturn return ). A dream will die in early September ( Saturn station square his Neptune exact ).
Nancy Pelosi feels very blocked through November and must break free ( Uranus conjunct her Saturn, square her Pluto ) but she is quite deluded on the 18th ( Neptune station conjunct her Mercury ).
Julian Assange is physically confined ( Saturn opposite his Sun ) but makes cautious and smart decisions ( Saturn trine his progressed Mercury ). He could take very inventive steps on the 26th ( Mars station trine his Uranus exact ).
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry & Meghan) share an emotional and passionate tie ( their Moons are sextile; her Pluto is on his Venus; her Venus on his Sun ) but little else. Both are individually confused, he about his true identity, i.e., parentage ( his Neptune squares his Sun ), she about her romantic dreams ( her Neptune squares her Venus ). There can be many complications between them, notably limitation and anger ( his Saturn squares her Sun; her Pluto opposes his Mars ). She strives to be famous and royal ( her Node/Mercury/Sun in Leo H1 ). Female problems such as difficult pregnancies can plague her ( her Moon/Saturn squares her Mars in Cancer 12th ). Despite the hoopla, theirs is not a match made in heaven, but an odd coupling with past life ramifications ( South Node-Uranus conjunction ).

For more forecasts, check out my articles: "On the Brink of World Change" and "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", now posted on my website.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases




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There is undoubtedly something at the basis of your frustration. Identify it... totally.
Is it physical? Emotional? An affront to your logic? Part of your job, your health, your relationships? Does the condition insult your ego or intelligence (i.e., is it humiliating)? Can it be altered by medicine, a career change, a new attitude, a relationship switch, or some such obvious action?
What is its likely duration? Is it temporary? Life-long? Can you foresee or imagine "a light at the end of the tunnel"? Or can you not see the problem ever getting fixed?
Think about its impression on yourself. Is it endurable? Impossible? Weakly or strongly frustrating? Can you manage it? Is it maddening or just annoying?
Does the frustrating problem stand in the way of your happiness and self-realization? Is it the, or one of the, chief obstacles of your whole existence?
Some people's horoscopes contain a "signature" of frustration. Likely never-ending, we can call this a karmic situation. Like a 3-legged chair, these people will always be searching for the missing support. Such lifetimes demand conditions that must be endured until a lesson is learned (or endlessly repeated), but the predicament creates patience and compassion. Other folk have periods of suffering through frustration which can be described by a specific timeframe. Astrologers might define these as "Saturn transits". Both types of frustrations can be handled with the correct mindset.
If you have figured out by the above questions that you are living with a karmic condition, you can begin to examine some of the underlying reasons. What lessons are you being forced to learn, and what might you have done to "earn" this? (At this point, some people might even start to consider their past lives, and begin to take responsibility for causing suffering to another.) Understanding leads to greater tolerance of the repetitious pattern, and can even alleviate it by resisting the actions that lead to pain. No one can do this for you but you can stay open-minded to ponder its validity to you, even while avoiding the pattern.
Many of us, however, deal with temporary frustration, often self-created, but nevertheless hard to live with. Its duration is usually based on how soon we have the guts to make a huge (scary?) life change, but sometimes it's simply about changing how we think about our negative condition. If it isn't karmic, then things will eventually alter one way or another. We can then project forward to the new day, or we can "be Zen" while things remain static. We can always change gloomy thoughts to a nicer narrative, thus altering our mood in the interim. We can mitigate the frustration's effect while tackling our thoughts' self-created anxiety. We can practice stoicism, or take definitive action, or find the way to tell ourselves a different story about what's been happening.
In fact, deconstructing your frustration can be the means to reduce it or even remove it. After all, it's not the hinderance itself but our definition of it that's the real problem. Anything can be overcome by the power of thought.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: " Reincarnation: Claiming Your Past, Creating Your Future" - Lynn Elwell Sparrow (Harper & Row, 1988)
The author has published in conjunction with the Edgar Cayce Foundation known as the Association for Research & Enlightenment Inc. Based on Cayce's psychic messages obtained and collated since 1931, a body of material has been gathered for the purposes of research and philosophical understanding of topics such as karma and grace as well as reincarnation and others, as this book addresses.

The author's purpose seems to have been to bring structure out of these channeled messages (Cayce was called The Sleeping Prophet; he fell into a trance state in which he was able to bring forth very accurate information for the seeker). We can see the overview of this outline by the chapter headings which cover concepts such as a look at reincarnation in contemporary western society, the effects that the understanding of reincarnation and karma offer, the lessons to us in the school of life, ways to access past life memories, and, god's hand in our repeating reincarnational drama when it takes the form of grace.

From the vantage point of our current era, 2018, much of this material, once newly introduced through Cayce and Eastern philosophy, seems now to be well known or familiar. Certain things are emphasized: that our thoughts create reality, that one's mind is the source that shapes our individual expression, that we are in a relationship to life similar to both an actor and a director, and where free will fits in to this storyline whereby we endure our karma but are free within it to make choices. Once we understand this, our job is to infuse materiality with the basic spirituality behind our incarnation - our efforts of the soul to learn its lessons and to make better and better choices.

There is a chapter discussing group karma, soul mates, and twin souls, soul mates being those with whom we've had a series of harmonious lives together, and twin souls fused from a common bond on the level of mind rather than past lives together. Most of the author's statements make reference to Cayce's readings which gives them credibility. The question asked is: Why is the world still such a mess? And it's answered that there is evidence of growing wisdom in general.

One interesting thought that is pursued with great clarity is the notion of the ability to learn from past lives, to awaken more and more deeply, and thus to evoke the marvelous property called grace that can save us from making poor choices leading, in effect, to correct our negative karma. A diagram is shown for two people whose karma is similar but whose choices lent themselves to the intervention of grace. In one example, an individual intended murder of a rival, actually murdered, and finally experienced a life of eventual ruin, whereas in another person intended murder but refrained from doing so and experienced a life with a second chance at leadership. In this case, the intervention of grace was inserted when the person refrained from the actual act.

In a second example, one woman had the intention of selfish self-preservation thus abandoning a child to an unknown fate, resulting in experiencing another life as an orphan, whereas another woman with the same intention and the same action of abandoning a child to an unknown fate, with the intervention of grace was able to lead a life as a social worker serving children. Grace in these examples is defined as the opportunity to experience a better choice and a life of love and joy, and is experienced as a reconciliation via inner awakening of one's karmic dues rather than through the corrective effects of karma. Grace can occur either soon after the commission of the negative act or not until after death.
Some discussion is even addressed about the choice of suffering a karmic condition or finding the means to alleviate it through an alignment with the higher law.

The book wraps up with an explanation of what Cayce called Christ Consciousness which we can define as being awakened or enlightened, and acting from the heart, from compassion, from understanding, and via spirit.

I liked the book, thought it was easy to read, and informative, especially for those who may not have a clear grasp of these concepts and the why and wherefore of them. 4 stars.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - June '18

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
Indeed, situation is a good term. Where one is situated determines how one responds to life and what incidents one encounters. Since there is only choice, the situation one is in has been in one way or another created by oneself. To be situated in a problem, in a difficulty, even in a tragedy, must have had to be co-created with the universe. A wisdom concept says that often what the personality dislikes is what the soul treasures. Your situation may feel painful, unfair, even abusive to yourself but you designed it so in order to learn from it. All situations, then, can and should be seen as one's choice. Even if the situation results in one's termination (death), it still partakes of choice.

Instead of railing against one's situation, delve deeply into it to see the lesson, the wisdom, even the silver lining. Would you be you if you had not undergone your life's situations, your life's experiences, and even the various and many choices you made along the way regarding family, relationships, career (or lack of one) and so forth? Most would answer, they wouldn't change a thing.

To live through a situation, survive and become empowered at its conclusion is the best part of the game of life, for if one never had a situation, never found oneself mired, troubled, wounded, or conversely, joyous, buoyant, thrilled by one's situations, life would be empty. A boring and useless time-killer.

Rejoice in all the variety of your life. It is unique to you and unique to the universe. What you make of it reflects the level of your understanding and the wisdom you have accumulated. Rejoice that there are situations of which to partake. It means you're alive.
© 2018 by Judi Thomases

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