We are excited about our new, local storytelling strategy - Spirit Stories.
Here is our fourth story of how and where the Holy Spirit is moving and dancing in our synod. Hopefully these stories will inspire you in your setting - to wonder, to imagine, to experiment ... AND we would like to hear YOUR stories of what God is up to in your neck of the woods. We will be sharing these via email, social media, and post them on our synod website at www.lutheransnw.org/spirit-stories .
The Little Free Pantry
By Kathleen Ridihalgh, Office Administrator at Northlake Lutheran Church in Kenmore

This last October, Pastor Anja Helmon blessed the Free Little Pantry that now stands open to all on NE 185 th Street near the driveway of Northlake Lutheran Church in Kenmore. This is the first of its kind in the city of Kenmore. About a year in the making, dedicated volunteers worked to bring the pantry idea to reality. What a joy to be part of neighbors helping neighbors.

Getting the word out to neighbors who can help stock it, as well as those in need who can take from it, has been our main goal. Pastor Anja frequently updates social media outlets with current inventory, she worked with Sound Transit to supply free bus/light rail/Sounder vouchers, and the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter published a story about it.

“We need to be aware of the people in the Kenmore and Bothell area that are struggling with food and house,” said Jerry Wagner in the Bothell/Kenmore Reporter Nov. 1 story about the dedication. “People need to be aware of how much need there is here in our community…there’s an awful lot of people hurting and struggling.” To read the full article, click here. www.bothell-reporter.com/life/take-what-you-need-leave-what-you-can-little-free-pantry-comes-to-kenmore/

“We hear on Sunday morning that our expectation is that we love our neighbors and take care of them,” Rick Heinbaugh was quoted in the Reporter story. “This isn’t just saying a prayer for them, this is doing something for them.” We hope this little pantry fills that expectation for a long time to come.

The Little Pantry now has regular visitors who provide contributions and/or make use of what is offered.