Spirit Awakening Through Novalis
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This Novalis e-book has been in the works for several years. Only lately did we have time to put the finishing touches on it. We hope this special collection of Novalis selections can be used for for your group study or individual reading.  

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If we are to take seriously what Steiner says, Novalis is one of the oldest and most significant souls in human history.

According to Steiner, Novalis can write about the most profound foundations of life because he was there when those foundations were laid. The most important moments in Christian history can be understood through Novalis because of his central role in the enactment of the mysteries of Christianity. 

Of course, the reader is free to surmise what you will out of pure study of Novalis' work, but it is often found that an inner question about the works of this author arises, "From what source can such wisdom flow?"

Having simply stated these ideas without a clear elucidation of Steiner's details also leaves the reader free to pick up the trail if one feels so inclined. A wonderful book summarizing Steiner's thought concerning Novalis is found in, Eternal Individuality, by Sergei Prokofieff. 

This book will require some familiarity with the philosophy of Steiner, called Anthroposophy. All endeavors in this direction will yield a wealth of fruit found in few other places. Otherwise, the reader is free to simply bathe oneself in the rich and poignant images of the poet/philosopher/scientist known as the "father of humanity.

Rudolf Steiner said that there were three sources of his philosophy Anthroposophy:
1) the writings of Novalis,
2) the effort it took to create Anthroposophy,
3) and, the being of Anthroposophia.

Each person's relationship to Sophia (Anthroposophia) is personal and will develop naturally on the path of spiritual development. Reading Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy is very difficult and not for everyone, but reading Novalis is easy to do and his writings are very approachable because he does not use jargon or dogma. The spiritual thoughts found in Novalis' work creates "new ground" upon which the aspirant can stand firmly and view the spiritual horizon.

Novalis' spirituality arises through his conscious design of using no religious doctrine but lifting the commonplace into the realm of the divine. Novalis uses simple language to reveal the spiritual beings who stand behind ordinary things. For example, the language Novalis uses to write his description of the "blue flower" seems to consciously disenchant matter and free it to ascend back to the spirit from whence it came. Novalis approaches the greatest ideas with humble words. He is succinct and yet profound, opening new vistas for the imagination and creating the opportunity for pure inspiration to fill the reader as common words begin to illuminate the radiant world of spirit that stands behind them.

When you read Novalis, you can find that the images he uses seem to inscribe ideas into one's everlasting imagination and enflame the soul to inspiration filled with an unquenchable passion for life. This is tantamount to living unhindered by separateness and fear, belonging to the whole and knowing that each thought can give birth to a new world.

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