June 11, 2024 | Volume XIII | Issue 24

Nearly 75% of health workers say documentation impedes patient care: survey

Healthcare Dive reports:

Nearly three-quarters of healthcare professionals say the time or effort needed to complete clinical documentation hampers patient care, according to a survey published this week by the American Medical Informatics Association.

Documentation tasks follow healthcare workers home too. More than 77% of respondents reported finishing work later than desired or working after hours due to excessive documentation.

The survey comes as a number of technology companies are touting generative artificial intelligence tools that aim to cut down the amount of work needed to document care in medical records.

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Your favorite drink can cause breast cancer – but most women in the US aren’t aware of alcohol’s health risks

Monica Swahn, Ritu Aneja

Did you know that casual drinks with friends or having a “wine mom” moment to unwind could actually be nudging up your risk for breast cancer? It sounds like a buzzkill. But it’s a truth that many might not know: Alcohol actually causes breast cancer.

The World Health Organization and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism lay it out pretty clearly: Compared to those who don’t drink, just one drink a day can bump up your breast cancer risk by 5% to 9%.

As alcohol and cancer researchers, we wanted to learn more about what women actually know about the connection between alcohol and breast cancer, especially since alcohol use has been increasing among women.

For our recently published research, we asked more than 5,000 women ages 18 and older across the U.S. in 2021 about whether they were aware of the link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer. We also asked them about their drinking habits and other health and background factors.

We were surprised to find that only 1 in 4 of these women knew that alcohol is a risk factor for breast cancer.

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Why do physicians – and psychiatrists in particular – write?

Arthur Lazarus, MD, MBA writes for KevinMD:


All writers want recognition of some sort. No?

Recognition can take many forms, such as positive feedback, awards, or simply the knowledge that their work is being read and appreciated. However, it is important to note that motivation can vary among writers.

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Third Bird Flu Case in Human Found. What To Think?

The Hill

Infectious diseases professor at Vanderbilt University Dr. William Schaffner elaborates on the worsening cases of bird flu. 

Watch the video HERE.

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