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Our Spring Opening


Our May Newsletter

Today is a big day for us - our 2024 Spring Opening!

We've just posted nearly 100 recent purchases, with pictures, details, and prices. You can access the show by clicking the picture above.

We hope you will.

Then, come back to this page; our May newsletter contains even more!

What else is new?

Our next newsletter will contain Part 2 of our England series, with pictures from our recent travels. We'll also instituting a new feature on our website and in our newsletters: ChezMaggs.com. We've been cleaning and downsizing, and we have scores of personal possessions that we'd like to relocate in other peoples' homes. Books, music, kitchen and other household items, and a mountain of miscellaneous things. The online tag sale that will be ChezMaggs.com will launch in our June newsletter. Don't miss it!

Our shop is open at almost any time by appointment. We keep our showroom set up for viewing, and it is never a hardship to open our doors to visitors. While the shop will be open for special events - our Spring and Autumn openings and our Tax Holiday Sale, for example, at other times, please feel free to stop in when you see the blue doors on the front of the barn. If you're coming a distance, please email, text, or call to make sure that we're at home. We're always happy to welcome dealers, collectors, and curious neighbors.

Pippin's Page

Days are lengthening and, as the sun warms the south side of the house, two of Pippin's favorite windows become very desirable.

Click or tap his picture to see him enjoying the sun last week.

The Back Page

Last week we captured this view of our new barn from the hill behind the property. A friend recently sent us a photograph he took long before we lost our old red barn. Click or tap to see his photo.

Thank you being a subscriber and for your interest in what we do.

Stay safe and be well.

John & Jan

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