We are going to ask a favor of you - we would like you to watch a video.

The video is recording of our organization's Annual Meeting held yesterday, which featured a presentation by labor economist Ron Hetrick, the Director of Staffing Product & Data for EMSI and co-author of The Demographic Drought.

Fast-moving and admittedly a little frightening, Ron clearly outlines why talent is so hard to come by today (across the country) and why it will only be a greater challenge moving forward.

He builds the case that today's talent challenges are not a short-lived blip or some problem that will simply work itself out, it will likely require entirely new strategies, shifting priorities and perhaps wholesale change to survive and then thrive in the future.

We again would ask you to watch this video and to take advantage of the inclusion of the slides from yesterday's meeting and a link below to the original 40+ page report that initially caught our team's eye.

We appreciate the gift of your time, and we look forward to working with you to meet these challenges head on.
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Scott Millar,