February 9, 2021
Communication Advisory

Re: Stay at Home order remains for majority of province                
Premier Doug Ford has announced that the Stay at Home order will remain in effect for a majority of the province. Health Districts will gradually transition back to the COVID-19 Response Framework (color-coded framework) in the weeks to come.
The message from the premier indicated that although he was planning to gradually reopen Ontario, he was implementing the “Emergency Brake System” which would allow the provincial government to take immediate action to shut down any health district if COVID-19 cases started to rise again. With the new variants of the COVID-19 strain now appearing in Ontario, the province needs to be cautious in reopening as the new COVID-19 variants can spread very quickly.
In response to the premier’s message, Special Olympics Ontario will continue to keep all programs on hold until further notice.  
Special Olympics Ontario will continue to monitor the COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open and will develop a strategic approach to re-starting our in-person training and events. We will continue to be very diligent in monitoring the COVID-19 cases across the province and how the new COVID-19 strains are impacting each area of the province. Please understand that we are very eager to re-start in-person programs, but do not want to re-start the program only to have programs put on hold again as a result of the “Emergency Brake System” that the province is able to impose. We will continue to work with our colleagues and the Ministry to open sport safely.
We recognize how difficult this is for everyone but we remain hopeful and optimistic that as the inoculation process unfolds that better days are ahead.
Please stay informed by going to our website www.specialolympicsontario.com for the latest updates.
Should you have any questions or would like to speak with a staff person about the pandemic please email covid19@specialolympicsontario.com or call 1-888-333-5515 ext. 311 and leave a message and we will follow up. 
Thank you for understanding, 
Glenn MacDonell
President & CEO

cc: Special Olympics Board of Directors
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