February 16, 2024

In this issue, we are celebrating Made for Medicine and all its accomplishments!

Future Doctor, Kennedy Brown Talks Made for Medicine

Future physician, Kennedy Brown, takes us on a journey through her Made for Medicine experience while in cohort one. Take a listen to hear just how this 14-year-olds life has changed following participation in the unique program that is Made for Medicine. 

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JAMA Network | Increasing Representation of Black Primary Care Physicians—A Critical Strategy to Advance Racial Health Equity

Check out this article from JAMA about how having more Black physicians can have an everlasting impact on our communities.

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Breaking Barriers: The Vital Role of Black Physicians and the Impact of Made for Medicine

Made for Medicine is transforming healthcare through its revolutionary programming day by day. Read about how empowering Black youth can reshape healthcare demographics and foster more inclusive practices for marginalized communities.

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Made for Medicine On The Road

Made for Medicine is taking its programming on the road! Recently, students at Afrocentric Early College High School got a taste of what it’s like to be a physician. 

About 60 4th graders got to learn about medicine from Made for Medicine doctors and medical student volunteers who look like them.

The students tackled the topic of neurology while doing some hands-on activities. Help us congratulate Made for Medicine for taking on these new opportunities!

Made for Medicine in the News

Mahogany Columbus

Central Ohio’s Made for Medicine Program is a Big Hit

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Program puts Black youth on path to medical careers

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Columbus CEO

Laura Espy-Bell Cites Diversity & Inclusion as Key to Region's Success

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Made for Medicine in Action

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