What's Changed?

See Item #3 under: "Here's several ways you can help."

Vouchers will no longer be available.

Grace, Down on the Farm

Cultivating a Growing Community

There's a whole lot to love about a farmers' market.

You can enjoy the fresh air and chat with neighbors while getting the freshest produce imaginable. It's not just shopping; it's an event!

The Grace Community Farmers' Market will have its first market on Saturday, April 13 from 1 to 4 pm in our parking lot. If our first market is a success, we intend to make it a monthly event where folks from Trinity Park, Walltown, and Duke University can shop and mingle with farmers and Grace members under -- God willing -- cloudless Carolina skies.


The Market is a place to share both God's love and healthy food.

Grace is nestled among 3 very different neighborhoods. We're surrounded by people who are separated economically, culturally, and spiritually. Luckily, food is a great way to get folks connected.

Our market will be where foodies and the food-insecure rub elbows with those that believe that we do not live by bread alone (that's us!). Prime farm products and a fun atmosphere will attract the foodies and Duke students. To draw in the food insecure, we're giving free vouchers (via Walltown Neighborhood Ministries) to 125 needy families as a way of saying, "You are welcome here!"

The Market supports Black farmers and vendors.

Farming is hard. Black farmers, in particular, face a steep climb. The Market supports these farmers, building bridges to the Black community that's been separated by prejudices and historical injustice. New markets are a big risk for farmers, so we're providing a minimum guaranteed income to show farmers that we love them and want to build a future with them.

The Market is where trusting relationships are built.

Many people are suspicious of Christians. The Market is where the people of Christ reach out to all of our neighbors, including the fearful, doubting, and antagonistic. It's where people witness our smiles, our kind words, our support of the struggling, and our delicious foods and ask, "What is is about this Jesus character that makes people act this way?"

Here's several ways you can help:

  1. PRAY for the Market's success.
  2. SHOP at the Market! When neighbors and farmers see your smiling facts it communicates, "God loves you!" more than any religious tract.
  3. PURCHASE some vouchers. If you purchase a $15 voucher, you can either use it like cash at the market or donate it (give it to a friend or we'll distribute them to families around Grace.
  4. VOLUNTEER for Market Day. We will need people to greet, answer questions, direct traffic, help with set up and clean up and other general work. Sign-up sheets will be available soon!
  5. TELL your friends and neighbors about the market on April 13th from 1 to 4 PM in the parking lot.

Contact Dan Heuser with additional questions: