We are blown away by the positive response from our last newsletter and thank you for reading and staying up to date with us. Your support makes what we do possible and we are taking a moment to revel in the generosity and kindness of this community. Here is photo of staff and volunteers at our Tuesday box packing line after hearing the support and feedback we received. We packed and distributed a total of 1,741 food boxes that week!

With Care,

The Team at BFB


You can help us by calling your county council representative or by attending the next county council meeting.

The Bellingham Food Bank is part of a network of 8 other food banks in Whatcom county, most have a much more difficult time accessing the resources and funding they need. This month we are collaborating to request funding from the Whatcom County Council. As numbers reach historic highs and SNAP benefits are cut, the Whatcom Counted Council has a chance to join us and set the precedent to fund community access to basic needs.

Yes, I want to help!


March, 9th 2023



Dear Whatcom County Council,

Dramatic SNAP cuts hit headlines this year with nationwide impact. 15% of Whatcom County residents depend on SNAP to access consistent nutritious food. This month's cuts are generalized as an $82 average monthly reduction. But this can look like seniors’ benefits slashed from over $200 to just $23 a month, or a single mom suddenly losing $175 she needs to feed two kids. In result, unprecedented numbers of people turn to food banks as the stop gap to meet basic human needs. Last year Whatcom County Food Banks graciously accepted  $500,000 in ARPA funds. Given the scope of our services this accounts for less than 8 weeks of food purchasing.

In 2022, Whatcom County Food Banks experienced 50%-100% client growth and mounting demand. In the month of January 2022, we served 40,092 client visits. This January, we served a shocking 89,751 client visits in one month. Food costs are estimated by the USDA to increase an additional 7.1% this year, only adding to heavy demand. As federal programs shirk back from the face of real struggle in our communities, we implore you to face it head on. For the sake of public health and child & family well-being please join us and set the precedent to fund community access to basic needs.

8 Whatcom County Food Banks seek together: $1,000,000 for the remainder of 2023 and an additional $1,000,000 for 2024 to purchase food for direct distribution.  All Whatcom County Food Banks source diverse funding, receive donated food, host food drives, and rescue food from grocers. Sadly, these activities do not scratch the surface of food insecurity conditions in Whatcom County.  We respectfully ask a time to talk with the council and seek financial support to feed our community. We look forward to following up in a week.


Mike Cohen 

On behalf of the Whatcom County Food Bank Network:

Ferndale Food Bank

Salvation Army Food Bank

Project Hope Lynden

Nooksack Food Bank

Lummi Commods 

Bellingham Food Bank

Blaine Food Bank

Foothills Food Bank

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