Monthly news & updates
December 2022
Special Delivery!

Welcome to this month's edition of “Special Delivery”, the monthly newsletter from Miracle Babies! We are proud of our work, and it is important to share these accomplishments with supporters like you!
Last month's impact supporting families:
Our Transportation Assistance Program logged 5939 miles and provided 165 rides to parents with hospitalized babies.

We delivered a record number 401 care packages across the region. Care packages provide resources, care, and comfort items to parents.

My Brain & My Baby: this past month we provided 66 hours of teletherapy sessions.
Every Wednesday we are hosting a virtual support group for parents in need of support and connection. We will explore topics from complicated pregnancies to NICU journeys. Learn more
Clinical Corner
The Mirandon Foundation for Hope has been a loyal supporter of Miracle Babies for the past several years. The Mirandon family knows the NICU experience firsthand as their twins spent their first few weeks of life in the NICU. The twins are now nine and volunteering for Miracle Babies ~ thank you Mirandon Family!!!!
Miracle Babies was honored to be the beneficiary of the annual SCANN (Southern California Association of Neonatal Nurses) SCANN a chapter of the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN), to provide nurses who work with high-risk neonates an organization to meet their professional needs.
Thank you NICU nurses!
NICU parents will have the opportunity to select gifts for all their children including their hospitalized baby. Gifts for children 0-18 can be sent or dropped off at our office through 12/21.
When shopping choose Miracle Babies on Amazon Smile and we will be rewarded with a percentage of your purchase.
Miracle Baby Ezekiel born on 8/1/22 at 30 weeks spending 55 days in the NICU. During his brief time home, he enjoyed tummy time and sibling hugs. Unfortunately, after a few weeks home he was readmitted for 6 weeks with RSV, flu, pneumonia, and rhinovirus. We are happy to share Ezekiel went home last week to be united with his family. Learn more about Ezekiel's story
Meet Birthday Girl Elana, Miracle Babies Event and Donor Relations Manager.
To know Elana is to love her!!!
She is mission-driven, dedicated, extremely hardworking, a jack of all trades, and brings the FUN wherever she goes!
Thank you, Elana, for your tireless dedication to Miracle Babies and the families we serve.
Chapter Spotlights
Miracle baby Olivia and friends assembled 100 Miracle Babies care bags full of goodies for NICU families in Orange County. A full circle moment, as now Olivia is old enough to explain to her friends about Miracle Babies and the important work we do! Thank you to the Segal family for their many years of support to MBOC and Happy Birthday to Olivia! We love watching you grow up!
Meet Mignon! Mignon is our newest volunteer ambassador in Los Angeles. Miracle Babies was fortunate to meet Mignon at the SCANN conference and she graciously started volunteering the same day!
Mignon is a Maternal Infant Care Specialist with GE Healthcare. Mignon promptly began assembling and delivering care packages for parents with hospitalized infants. See Mignon in action