Dear Members, 

We are excited to announce that PBA is going to do a District Lobby Event with local House members and Senators this year, during the week of April 22-26. 

The goal of this week is to highlight your operations and the impact you have on your local community and the Commonwealth. 

As you know, tourism is a huge industry in Pennsylvania, and your motorcoach operations play a major role in helping the tourism industry thrive. 

We know that every motorcoach on the road takes cars off the road, which also helps with the congested highways we travel. 

What is the Effect of Each Motorcoach Visit in Pennsylvania?*

  • Approximately 32 equivalent visitors, of which 68.84 percent were on day trips and 31.16 on overnight visits.
  • Approximately $6,939 in local sales.
  • Approximately 4 room nights (double occupancy).
  • For every motorcoach trip, 0.13 job is created in the state


In order to help promote our industry and educate your legislators, we would encourage you to pick up the phone and call your local House of Representatives’ member and your State Senator.

If you aren’t sure who they are, please click the button below to find your legislator.

*This information is courtesy of ABA Foundation.

Find Your Legislator

CALL-TO-ACTION! We are asking you to:


  1. Arrange a call with them by calling the district office and talking to their staff. Ask their staff if you could set up a call to discuss the issues in PA that are impacting your industry;
  2. Arrange a meeting in their district office by asking the staff if you can arrange a meeting to discuss issues in PA that are impacting your industry; or
  3. Arrange and coordinate a coffee/breakfast with the members at your operations so you can introduce them to your staff and provide a tour of your motorcoach operations. This is a great way for them to really get to know you, the investment you’ve made to the local community and how critical your business is in their legislative district. They love to hear and learn first hand what their constituents are doing and how they are helping the community. This gives you a great venue for you to learn more about them as well, and what policies they may be working on that will ultimately impact you and your company.  


In advance, we can send to you current talking points you can either send or drop-off in person. This will include major legislative initiatives that are being considered in Harrisburg such as CARB, EV’s, tourism, etc. Send me an email if you would like us to share that with you.

Thank you in advance for your action.

Patricia Cowley 
Executive Director 
Telephone: 717-236-9042 
Email:  director@pabus.org 
Website: www.pabus.org
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