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Rail Union Unity Petition

Railroad workers ask for a united rail bargaining coalition

Sign the petition for Rail Unity and let the union leadership know that rail workers want coordinated rail bargaining.

Add your name to the petition to show your support for all railroad unions to form a united bargaining coalition for upcoming negotiations with the NCCC-Class 1 carriers!

For too long, rail labor has been fragmented and divided. Instead of fighting each other, rail labor needs to unite and organize the strongest possible contract campaign in the upcoming round of bargaining with the NCCC. The last round of negotiations resulted in a coordinated bargaining coalition, which broke down as individual unions accepted their own tentative agreements, using “me too” clauses to access any further gains won by the remaining unions.

None of the issues highlighted by the contract battle of 2019–2022 have been resolved. “Precision Scheduled Railroading” continues, fatalities are up, layoffs continue, and union density is decreasing. In order to win better pay, benefits, and conditions, we need real unity, where no union accepts any tentative agreement until there is a tentative agreement that satisfies all unions! Let union leadership hear your voice, sign the petition, and share it with your co-workers!!

For more information on building a coordinated rail bargaining coalition, please visit our website here and read the RWU Resolution on Rail Unity here.

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