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Mid- Month  Special Addition - June 2016
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Karen's Kumihimo Beaded Lariat

Six ways to wear it and counting....
Karen's Kumihimo Beaded Lariat Necklace is alot of fun and there are so many versatile ways to enjoy it. There's plenty of length to wrap, twist and tie; the possibilities are endless! The beaded portion is approximately 59" - 60" and the handcrafted glass beads and tassels add another 3 1/2" on each end making the the full length 66" to 67" (depending on braider). You will want to use a  new Thick Disk with tight slots. I used the  Beadsmith Thick Mini and it works  very well. With the weight of the beads, you do not want the beaded cords slipping and sliding while you are braiding. While the instructions are written for the foam disk, the beaded lariat can also be braided on the Marudai. I used eight 70 gram tama and started with 178 grams of counterweight. About 3/4 of the way through the necklace I removed a little counterweight to compensate for the weight of the beaded braid. 
You will need:  Beadsmith Kumihimo Thick Mini Disk, 8 Bobbins, Scissors, Tape Measure,  Fray Block (optional, but useful),  Hemostat Tool (optional, but useful).  You should know: Kumihimo Round Braid (Kongoh Gumi) and how to drop beads. Check out  Kumihimo Tip #14 for a refresher on braiding with beads. 
Kit includes:
- 1 Spool C-Lon Bead Cord
- 8/0 Toho/Miyuki Seed Beads in 5 Colors 
(Red, Black, White, S/L Milky Montana Blue, Picasso Yellow)
- 2 Handcrafted Glass Beads (either White, Red or Milky Blue)
- 2 Porcelain Cheerio Beads (colors as shown)
- Instructions with Photos
- Photos of Different Ways to Wrap, Tie and Twist Lariat 
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