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July 5, 2024

In This Week's Update

  • Sunday's Song List
  • Special 6 Week Sunday School Classes
  • Small Group Opportunities
  • Hy-Vee Gift Cards
  • Living Free Jail Ministry
  • The "De Churched" Christian Epidemic
  • Love Our City

This Sunday's Song List

This Sunday we return to the gospel of John. In chapter 18 we transition into a new section: the arrest, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus (chapters 18-19). While our text this Sunday is brief (18:1-14) it is a remarkable portrayal of how Jesus faced His betrayal. In a sense, we see the entire world allied against Him: Judas, the Romans, and the Jews all present to hand Him over. And yet Jesus faces all this hate with humility, power and love. I invite you again to join us for worship and seek your rest and strength in the excellence of Jesus. 

To get yourself ready to sing on Sunday you can start listening to the songs we'll be singing together:

  • God So Loved
  • The Wonder Of Your Cross
  • Sing To The King
  • Holy Forever
  • Everlasting

We created a playlist on Youtube in case you want to start listening today. You can find that by clicking HERE.

Special 6 Week Sunday School Classes

Special Men's Sunday School & Women's Sunday School

Once a year we like to divide up the adult Sunday School class and focus on topics that are geared specifically to us as men or women. This will only be for six weeks and then we will be back to our normal routine of meeting all together. I get requests for this periodically and lots of positive feedback when we do it so I hope you'll join us if you haven't been in Sunday school lately. 

This temporary change is also a good opportunity to invite someone to Sunday School that doesn't often come. If you have a friend or neighbor that might be interested would you reach out and invite them? If you have friends in church that don't often come, go ahead and encourage them to join us! 

The women will be studying the theme of contentment and the men will be doing a study on being a man of God. 

Special "ASK ANYTHING" Sunday School Class for ages 15 and up

I was delighted to have some of our older teens ask me if they could have a class geared at tackling some tough questions or subjects that they've always wondered about. So, for the next six Sundays all students 15 and up are encouraged to join Pastor Cory for an "ask anything" Sunday school. Each week students will pick the subject or tough question and we'll spend our time working through it biblically. 

I know Summer schedules can be crazy, and many of you drive in from out of town, but if you are planning on being in worship, let me strongly encourage you to find a way to get your High Schoolers to Sunday School for the bulk of these six Sundays. I am praying for a really fruitful and engaging time of conversation and teaching. 

Did You Know About These Different Small Group Opportunities?

Here are all the study/fellowship opportunities currently available through our church:

  • Monday Evening Men's Group - 7:00PM at Dave Hofer's Home
  • Wednesday Night Discovery Zone and Small Groups will resume in the fall.
  • Women's Friday Afternoon Study at 1:00PM -Resumes in the fall.
  • Saturday Morning Men's Group- Please contact the office for dates, times, and locations.

Questions? Contact the church office at (605) 689-2211.

Did You Know You Can Give To The Church By Purchasing Hy-vee Gift Cards?

Discovery Church receives 5% back on all gift cards purchased from the church. You can purchase your $50 or $100 gift cards on Sundays from Jeff and Dawn Herron (Fellowship Hall) or weekdays from the office. There is no limit on how many you can purchase. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the church office. 

Living Free Jail Ministry

Every Thursday 2 volunteers from Discovery lead a group of incarcerated women through Stepping Into Freedom.

Each attendee receives a work book and a Bible.

Please be in prayer for our volunteers and the women they meet each week. May their hearts be open to receive the gospel.

If you would like to donate towards the cost of the workbooks or Bibles, you may put donations in with the offering, but please mark it as jail ministry. There are envelopes in the brown offering box located on the east wall by the sound booth if you are giving cash.

If you have any questions please contact Peg, Brenda, or the office.

The "De-Churched" Christian Epidemic 

Perhaps when you think about people who don't go to church you think about two different types. There's the "un-churched" - people who've never or hardly been to church. Then there's the "de-churched" that is people who once attended regularly but no longer identify as Christians.

However, in addition to this there's one more type that is becoming increasingly common and that is the "De-churched Christian". That is, someone who identifies as Christian but does not ever or rarely gather with other believers for worship. 

Lifeway recently did a study that highlights some factors which contribute to this epidemic. 

Here's their sober introduction: "According to Lifeway Research, among Protestant pastors in the United States, 3 in 5 consider someone in their congregation a regular churchgoer if they attend church at least twice a month. Come to church every other Sunday (26 times a year) and you’re now considered a regular in the American church. To say that infrequent is the new frequent is not an exaggeration." The whole article can be read HERE.

Now, I'm not saying that church and school are the same thing but if I only attended half my classes in college I would have flunked out in the first semester. My conviction is that, under normal circumstances, born again believers should not be content to attend Sunday worship only half of the year.

Here are three of the factors this article identifies as contributors to the problem. I offer them as factors to watch out for in your own spiritual walk.

1. Emphasis on a "personal relationship with Jesus" over and against a committed connection to a body of believers. Of course one must have a personal connection to the Lord - BUT that personal connection also connects you to a body. And we're called to serve, love, and commit ourselves to that body. 

2. Indifference. Years and years of hearing things like "You don't go to church, you are the church" and the increasing demands of the world on our time (sports, work, entertainment, etc.) have led to an apathetic and indifferent attitude in some who still call themselves Christian. 

3. Affluence. We can afford to be gone more. Our comforts insulate us from an awareness of our desperate need for a community of faith.

If you think 26 times a year is pretty good I would challenge you to see what kind of a difference it would make in your life to be in church 46 times a year (or more!). If God commands it as the ordinary experience of the believer, it will benefit you.

NOTE: None of these comments should be construed as being ignorant of legitimate exceptions beyond someone's control (e.g., crisis, disability, illness, extended family obligations, etc.). We all know there are legitimate reasons someone may not make it as often as they'd like. This content is a challenge to those who are content to regularly disassociate and yet feel no crisis of conscience in continuing to identify as Christian.    

Love Our City: You Can Make an Impact

 Don't Miss the Opportunity!

There is still loads of room to help with Love Our City. One way our church contributes to the day is by serving lunch to all the volunteers. We've had a generous donation of beef that allows us to grill burgers for all the volunteers. Will you please sign up to help us serve lunch that day? Please click HERE to sign up online or you can sign up at the Welcome Desk on Sunday.

Elder Meeting Minutes

To read the minutes from our most recent elder meeting, please click HERE.

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