Special "Think Tank" Session

Friday, December 15, 2023

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Wilson, NC

Special Think Tank reviews on

  • Strategies with fluctuating currencies
  • 3 Rewarding Lines of Credit
  • PSN plans: the WAND & scalar energy
  • Your specific questions and/or concerns

and other items of interest.

Of course, if we see an RV prior to this date, the venue COULD change and you will be refunded your registration fee upon request or whatever decision you choose to exercise.

If you are prepared to move forward on this notice, follow these important steps:

Paying Via Electronically:

1. To pay via electronic means, email a "request for a Special Think Tank Session invoice" to RayRen98@aol.com. DO NOT SEND CASHAPP!!

2. AFTER COMPLETING PAYMENT: Via email, send your registration information (Name, Spouse Name, Address and Telephone Number) to RayRen98@aol.com

3. If you are paying for additional people, repeat step 2 with corresponding information.

Registration of $35.00 (fees may apply) is PER INDIVIDUAL PERSON.