June 12, 2023

Great Lakes Book Tour

Silicon Heartland Buffalo

Buffalo's Tech Revolution: It's Underway!

3 Unicorns, Coastal VCs moving in,

Tech startups doubling, Seed funds multiplying, accelerators jumping,

Rebuilding from Rust to Tech

June 20 Live in Buffalo

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Bill Maggio, Managing Partner,

Lorraine Capital

Pastor James Giles, Head of Human Resources, Battery Manufacturer

Viridi Parente

Sarah Tanbakuchi, President & CEO, TechBuffalo

Marnie LaVigne, President & CEO,

Launch NY

Chris Jacobs, President, Real Estate Development Company Avalon Development and former Congressman, (R-NY)

Silicon Heartland Chicago

The Midwest's Innovation Capital

Luncheon, Roundtable Discussion

June 22

Join us

Landon Campbell, Chicago General Manager, Drive Capital

Abin Kuriakose, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, World Business Chicago

Rebecca Fannin, Author, Silicon Heartland

& CNBC special contributor +

Introduced by Gary Levenstein, Partner, Nixon Peabody

19 new unicorns minted and $7.9B VC invested in 1 year.

But only 1/3 of tech workers educated in Illinois stay in state. And more funding is needed for minority and women-led startups.

+ 5 Reasons Why Landon is bullish about Chicago's startup ecosystem. Read on.

Upcoming Silicon Heartland Talks

Milwaukee Tech Festival

June 27

Keynote Speaker

Wisconsin Book Festival

Madison, Wisc.

Oct 20 Speaker

Leading Authorities Washington, DC

Rebecca A. Fannin profile

Media Interviews

Video Show: Ask A VC Anything!

Public Speaking

Worth Cities

Innovation & The Rising City

Charleston, S.C.

June 8

Worth and Techonomy

published an excerpt of my new book, Silicon Heartland. Editor Dan Costa and I chatted about impact of tech innovation in former Rust Belt places.

Notable News of the Week

I'm not at all surprised by the split of Sequoia Capital into three regions. It shows the impact of growing tech tensions between Washington, DC and Beijing -- a decoupling that is ongoing in several tech realms.

The Information additionally reports that U.S. capital has stopped flowing to Chinese VC and private equity funds.

Picture below of me interviewing Sequoia's VC leader Neil Shen in Beijing at my Silicon Dragon event, circa 2013.

Neil Shen

Top 15 Markets

in Heartland for Tech Talent Growth

Nashville + 36.1%     

Madison + 31.9%

Louisville + 31%

Dayton + 31%

 Indianapolis + 23.1%

Tulsa + 19%

Omaha + 17.0%

Cleveland + 14.1%

St. Louis + 9 .9%

Cincinnati + 9.6%

Kansas City  + 8.0%

Minneapolis  + 5.3%

Columbus  + 5.1%

 Detroit + 4.5%

% growth in 5 years

Source: CBRE

Silicon Heartland book

How 6 Great Lakes States

Stack Up in VC Funding

Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Wisconsin

= only 8% of VC deals nationwide but gaining

Regional deal #s,

% growth in 10 years

West Coast 5769 + 81%

Mid-Atlantic 3718 +143%

Southeast 1356 + 149%

New England 1279 + 63%

Great Lakes 1192 + 63%

South 1152 + 79%

Mountain 1063 + 104%

Midwest 239 + 81%

Source: PitchBook data

2012 - 2022

Silicon Heartland book

Heartland Tour 2023

March 11 - May 10, 1st leg

SXSW, Stamford, Morgantown, Pittsburgh, Lancaster, Dayton, Cincinnati, Purdue, Cleveland, Palm Beach, Wharton, Cambridge

City Club of Cleveland



Portsmouth, Ohio

Join Community Leaders for a celebration.

July 1, 2-4pm

Glockner Museum


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The Chinese edition of

Tech Titans of China

is launching from publisher CITIC.

My new book

Silicon Heartland

is a counter to

China's tech rise

and documents how the

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