• Right now, full time specialists can be responsible for anywhere from 17-23 classes. A .8 position can be responsible for as little as 13 or as many as 20 classes*.

  • Right now half of specialists are assigned more classes than can fit into the weekly schedule*.

  • Next year's assignments are being made using this year's student numbers, making changes after the school year begins likely.

Please take the time to share your ideas for reforming the deployment process. Share with colleagues, union reps, and administration. We have had our rights bargained away, and being a minority, we cannot, with our votes alone, rectify the problem. Now is the time to speak up if we would like to see changes made in coming agreements. Working together we can come up with a solution that makes TPS a better place to learn and work.

  • Publicize the staffing formula
  • Receive assignments before contracts
  • Apply displacement and involuntary transfer language to specialists
  • Create Department Head positions to help promote a k-12 vision for programs.
  • Allow Department Heads to oversee placements and communicate opportunities within each department (PE, Music, Library).

*based on self-reported data, official data not being available. Check here to see Music and PE assignments and workloads. Please send any corrections to tacomaspecialists@gmail.com