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"Entrenamiento paliativo para cuidadores
y familias"
Spanish Translations of Our Premier Video Library
"Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families"
Welcome! We invite you to sample this "Dolor y consuelo" video ("Pain and Comfort"), one of ten videos in our "Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families" Video Library.* This starts "in pain" to resonate with the caregiver's difficult experiences of watching their loved one in pain. Be assured! The video quickly shifts from pain to comfort, training the caregiver what to look for and what to do.
Culturally ... we know that Hispanic/Latino families take care of family, especially through the end-of-life.

Many family members and friends join together and take turns, in the midst of their own families, jobs and responsibilities. 24/7.

Likely, many who provide direct care for your hospice patient do not get to meet with your hospice team, and receive your great 1:1 teaching.

Your team members can recommend relevant, 24/7 videos on the caregiver's personalized teaching sheet.
What about elderly spouses whose English is limited?
Our healthcare systems can be frightening. Our medical language can be confusing.

Skills for English as a second language can diminish as aging sets in.

Coping can be especially painful. The spouse who is dying holds shared memories and meanings of their native homeland. Distance, time, and language can separate them from generations of beloved family and community support.
You can help give voice to their struggles and strengths through the sights and sounds of our videos' graphics, text, voice-overs, and music.
Compassionately ... how can we educate the whole family better about their loved one's end-of-life care, in ways that matter to them ? From easy-to-access places and in ways they easily understand, 24/7?
Are your translated materials delivered in a hard copy booklet or brochure, that is limited to one, main location?

Often, the key communicators in Latino families are part of a younger, working, generation. 94% US Hispanic adults ages 18-29 use mobile devices to find information on the Internet.** Why would they wait to read your hard copy materials, when they can find information online?
You can educate them via these bi-lingual videos. 24/7. Where ever they are. When ever they need it. Our teaching sheets--for the team and caregiver to use with each other--can be downloaded and printed from any printer.
Furthermore, using everyday mobile devices, you can easily video conference any family members, translators, additional team members, or office staff into a team member's visit with the patient and caregiver, using Composing Life's HIPAA Compliant TeleCounseling technology .

Remember, never use a child as a healthcare translator.
What about long distance family who go to your website, but when they read "hospice" it means "an asylum," in Spanish?

Expert, professional translators described our hospice care in ways that can be readily seen, heard, and understood by Hispanic/Latino family members--local and long distance. For example, "hospice" was replaced with "palliativo."
These Spanish videos are an optional Add-On to
Composing Life's "Hospice Training for Caregivers & Families" Video Library,*
1 of our 3 video libraries that span the continuum of care:
Serious Illness, Hospice, and Bereavement.

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* These 10 videos correlate with clinical content and communication themes of the CAHPS Hospice questions and measures. Be assured, nothing about any type of survey is ever mentioned to the patient's caregiver or family members. Included with our standard "Hospice Caregiving" library is our separate module, "CAHPS Hospice Training for Teams," with graded quiz questions for your patient care teams and volunteers. Families and caregivers do not have access to this training.
*Statistics reported in July 2016, from 2015 research data by the Pew Research Center.
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