May 2017
In our office, the 12th of every month is "Spam Day." That's when three local professional services firms send us their generic e-mail newsletter, all of which say exactly the same thing. While some of their clients may welcome the opportunity to sign up for and receive spam, it's not the ideal way to deliver your message.
Like an invasive species, spam is pervasive today.  How so? In the example above, I asked a colleague to Google the spam we received, and see how many firms were sending it out, then posting it on their website. When the number reached 573 firms across the country, I told her to stop.
If someone is offering to "manage" your e-mail and social media for a deal that sounds too good to be true, you could be in danger of going into the spam business. Meanwhile, we'd be glad to tell the unique story of your organization, and the individuals who make it great. It's something we've been doing successfully for years (see below.)
Spam was definitely a hit with the Vikings in Monty Python's Flying Circus, but when it comes to effective communications we'd be excited to recommend a better way.


Congratulations to our friend and colleague Tori Vichroski ,
who recently earned her Master's degree in Communications from the University of Rhode Island. Along the way Tori was awarded a competitive assistantship, served as an advisor to undergrad students, a teacher's assistant and an instructor for undergrads. As an undergrad herself, she earned the "Most Innovative" Award from the Harrington School of Communication and Media Studies at the University.
Congratulations, Tori!
Great Leadership at Great Clients
Kudos to Marc Cardin, the CFO at the Narragansett Council, Boy Scouts of America, who was recently recognized by the Providence Business News as the state's leading CFO at a non-profit. Marc started with the Scouts as a 15-year old staffer at the iconic Camp Yawgoog, and has excelled ever since.
Congratulations, Marc!
Nice Ink!
There's no better antidote to spam than good media coverage. Here's some our clients' recent highlights.

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank (RIIB) supports and finances investments in Rhode Island's infrastructure, such as municipalities and sewer and water utilities. It also manages investment programs for local roads and bridges, energy efficiency and renewable energy, and brownfield remediation.

The Bank's CEO Jeff Diehl recently spread the word about the agency for a national audience via The Bond Buyer and for a local audience on WPRO's public affairs show with Steve Klamkin.


The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance

The Southeastern New England Defense Industry Alliance's ( SENEDIA) annual conference, Defense Innovation Days, highlights Rhode Island as a technology and innovation leader in the defense sector. Many defense industry-leading pioneers, such as Raytheon, view Defense Innovation Days as an opportunity to network, collaborate, and further establish Rhode Island as a leader in defense technologies.

Paul Ferraro, Vice President of Seapower Capability Systems at Raytheon's Portsmouth location, predicts that Defense Innovation Days 2017 will be another success in this op-ed.

Quonset Business Park - Port of Davisville

Last November we worked on the successful "Question 5" campaign, a $70 million statewide bond measure to update and expand the Port of Davisville at Quonset Business Park .  While the project will preserve the Port's status as one of the Top 10 auto importers in North America, it is also a big step in advancing the offshore wind business in Rhode Island.

This story in the American Journal of Transportation highlights Rhode Island's commitment to its port infrastructure for a key national audience.

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