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Evaluation: Measuring What We Do

Because SAgE and the other three Farm and Ranch Stress Network regions are funded by the USDA, regular reporting is required to account for how those funds are used and the effectiveness and impact of the funded projects. 

For the southern region, that evaluation is conducted by Dr. Erin King, whose qualifications include a PhD in Agricultural Sciences from Mississippi State University, work with the CDC as a member of the evaluation team on the Mississippi High Obesity Multi-Site Program, and an evident passion for the work of evaluation. 

Dr. King recently gave a presentation to SAgE’s funded partners about what evaluation is, what it isn’t, and why it’s important. 

Both evaluation and research use data collection tools like surveys, interviews, and focus groups, but their purposes are distinct. Research generates new knowledge and answers specific questions, whereas evaluation, in the context of SAgE, uses those tools to assess the success of a program and to make a determination about whether it should continue. 

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Illustration by Matt Stevens

SAgE Resources

The SAgE resource database is at the heart of what we do as we focus on alleviating farm stressors on a variety of fronts—from health care, to animal care, crops to cash flow, tax guidance, finances, and much more. Our resources team is hard at work adding new resources all the time. Don't see your state listed here? Keep your eye on this space, or head to our website. If you’d like to recommend a resource, you can do that here.






North Carolina


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SAgE Webinars

Presenter: Dr. Chaney Mosley, Middle Tennessee State University

Date: May 17th, 2024

Time: 12:00 p.m. Eastern

Farm and Ranch Mental Health: Stressors, Barriers, and Strategies

This webinar is a companion piece to the SAgE brief entitled “Farm and Ranch Mental Health: Stressors, Barriers, and Strategies,” in which the authors review the causes of farm stress, commonly reported barriers to seeking and receiving help, and strategies to address both the stressors and the barriers. In addition to the overview of the brief, the presentation will look at how SAgE works to identify support that targets specific needs in the southern region in the form of resources, trainings, and the SAgE Hotline.

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Did you miss the April webinar, Sowing Support: Folding Stress Management Awareness into Agricultural Spaces, with Dr. Anna M Scheyett? You can watch it here.

The SAgE Applied Research Webinar Series brings in researchers, practitioners, and farmers to discuss topics important for understanding and addressing farm stress. 

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SAgE Partner News

Dr. Ken Kolb's Research Featured in the New York Times

SAgE partner Dr. Ken Kolb of Furman University has conducted important mapping research on racial displacement in Greenville, SC. That work was recently cited in a New York Times article about political migration within the U.S.

Check out his LinkedIn post here.

News from the Ag World

Meet the South Carolina Farmers Following Gullah Agricultural Traditions

The Jones family farm stands resolutely on an island facing Black land loss. Just off the coast of South Carolina sits St. Helena Island, a 64-square-mile stretch of moss-lined oaks and sandy roads surrounded by marshland. Black farmers have spent decades caring for the land on this island

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UT’s Little River Unit Utilizes Sustainable Dairy Production Systems

About 30 minutes south from the UT Agriculture Campus is the East Tennessee AgResearch Education Center Little River Unit. This 529-acre tract is utilized to provide land, equipment, livestock and support for the Herbert College of Agriculture and the College of Veterinary Medicine by fostering research and instruction.

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Public-Private Partnership Investment Fund Program—USVI

The Local Food and Farm Council is thrilled to announce the availability of funds through our Public-Private Partnership Investment Fund Program. Thanks to the unwavering dedication of the 34th Legislature of the Virgin Islands, this initiative represents a significant step forward in addressing the diverse challenges our farming and fishing sectors regularly encounter.

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