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This has been a tough newsletter to write. It’s not writer's block. It’s one of those rare moments when I'm feeling at a loss for words. Trust me, my wife says I’m never at a loss for words. I wake up chipper and conversing. 

But, this is one of those times of clarity that I almost wish I didn’t have. I can clearly see what's coming and I've tried to warn others. Throughout my career it's never been my intention to be the harbinger of doom. I do feel it is, and always has been, my calling to point out not only the risks ahead, but the path that leads to safety and protection for yourself and your assets. Statistically, relatively few readers ever respond to these messages. I understand. It’s difficult to make changes and to know the right path to follow. Let me try and lay it out for you.

I am doing something different with this issue. I'm republishing the March issue in case you missed it because I feel it’s more important than ever before to get this information into your hands. Before we jump back into the last newsletter, I want to provide you with some updates and new information of the utmost importance.

First, my current risk assessment.


My wife loves to drink coffee. She has a pot going 24/7. She has been trying unsuccessfully to find sugar-free powdered creamer for weeks. On the rare occasions when one of us finds some, we come home and make a loud pronouncement, like we’ve won the lottery. I never imagined I'd see empty shelves at the store. This was something my parents and grandparents talked about. Who would have dreamed there would be a shortage of baby formula or the inability to find cars, trucks and other products made with semi-conductors. 

I don't think it comes as a surprise when I say I feel there is a big risk to IRA's and retirement plans. It's the biggest risk I've seen in a number of years. 

Dangers to your retirement- 

The threat of war, rapidly increasing inflation and tremendous market uncertainty, supply chain disruptions and a new massive spending bill to name a few. Events/factors like these usually cause disruptions to the stock and bond markets with the added threat of a decline in the value of the dollar. Alternative investments, things like precious metals, real estate and non-traditional assets are the go-to safe harbors when risk is extremely high. 

Political risk-

Watched the news lately? I don't care what your political affiliation is, clearly you'd agree political risk in our country is really high. I've been telling my wife for a while now that I feel like we are at some inflection point in our country. I don't know what the outcome will be but I do know protecting yourself and your retirement plan should be your top priorities. Stability and safety for your portfolio are going to be as hard to find as your favorite items are at the grocery store.


In the few months since I wrote the March newsletter the markets have had a big correction, the inflation numbers are the highest they've been in 40 years. The media has checked out on their coverage of the war in Ukraine and things are far worse than you think.
Now Hear This!- 

That’s the sound the 1MC would make throughout the ship when important information was about to be communicated to ship's crew. It meant you’d better pay attention. 

Now Hear This, I spent 6 years in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program. The ongoing attack on the nuclear power plant in Ukraine is a big deal. It’s a really big deal and it’s not getting much media coverage. I hope and pray they get a handle on it before it turns into another Chernobyl. What do you think a catastrophic meltdown will do to grain prices..…

One last caution from the latest news.

Caution- Crypto Currencies

Have you seen the recent stories about theft and hacks of over $1.4 billion, that's billion with a B from Solana and Nomad? They were both hit recently leading to the theft of over $200 million from investors' crypto wallets. NFT’s are an exciting new investment, but it’s such a new asset class there is a lot of risk and requires significant due diligence. Some investment analysts have compared it to the wild, wild west. Some of our clients want access to crypto investing and of course they can do so through their IRA. They have access to several crypto trading platforms onshore or offshore. 

There is a world of alternative investments available to you through your IRA or retirement plan. Just make sure you've evaluated the risks before making your choices.

Risk Reduction through insurance- 

For a lot of Americans, their retirement plan is their biggest asset. Odds are you have car insurance, life insurance and home insurance. Why wouldn't you want to protect your financial assets if you can? 

If you want to know what you can do to protect your account and what the rewards can be, I'd urge you to re-read the March newsletter included in it's entirety below.

Harry Dent Predicts Stocks Will Decline As Much As 90% Reduce The Risks Now!


I don't think it comes as a surprise to you when I say I feel there is a big risk to IRA's and retirement plans. It's the biggest risk I've seen in a number of years. The threat of war, rapidly increasing inflation and tremendous market uncertainty. A combination of factors like these usually cause disruptions to the stock and bond markets with the added threat of a decline in the value of the dollar. Alternative investments like precious metals, real estate and currency diversification are the go-to safe harbors when risk is so high.

I've never been a gambler. I feel like I've worked too hard to lose my money on a roll of the dice, a spin of the wheel, or the hope of all cherries coming up on a slot machine. I'm not sure why I'm risk adverse when it comes to money, but adventurous in my personal life. Maybe it's the 6 years I spent in the Navy's Nuclear Power Program. Rigorous training, as you can imagine, with an emphasis on risk avoidance and adherence to procedures designed to all but eliminate risk. Or it could be the post graduate classes I took through the Wharton School of Business with its emphasis on Modern Portfolio Theory, Behavioral Finance and the statistical analysis of risk.

My education and the lessons I've learned in life have taught me how important it is to evaluate and understand what the risks and rewards are of any given decision with an emphasis on financial decisions.

It's not an exaggeration to say the risks to the financial markets, and more importantly to your personal wealth, are magnitudes higher than I've seen them.

The risk of the war in Ukraine spilling over into neighboring countries and growing into something much larger is on everyone's mind as is the talk of other countries taking advantage of the situation to make their own aggressive moves.

There is high risk in the financial markets of course. Combine this with high inflation and the talk of the fed raising interest rates and you have tremendous risk to our market. A massive deficit with the likelihood of even greater spending will likely put downward pressure on the dollar creating currency risk.

Political risk to your hard-earned retirement savings is equally high with the current administration having already proposed rules which would radically alter your investment choices and restrict your ability to diversify your investments.


The rewards to moving your IRA and retirement plans offshore are high.

When you structure your account correctly, you gain access to the world’s markets and currency diversification. And you can help protect your account from the political, market and other risks I've mentioned.

I don't provide investment advice and we don't sell investments. We are here to help you achieve your goals in a compliant manner.

Let me give you some examples of the kinds of things you can do. Please, these are not recommendations. It's easier to paint a picture for you of what you can do with a few real-life cases we've handled. You can have your precious metals held in a secure vault in a neutral country, like Switzerland, own real estate on the beach in Mexico, or invest in something green like a teak reforestation project in Panama.

Do you own a portfolio of stocks, bonds, or mutual funds you've fallen in love with and don't want, or can't liquidate? If that's true, but you share some or all of my concerns and want to know how you can protect your account, I'm here to tell you it can be done. There is a way to keep your existing investment portfolio while moving it to an offshore account. I know it gets confusing, but it's totally possible to accomplish. If that's what's stopping you from taking steps to protect your account, I'd be happy to explain how you can do both.

The Rewards you gain when you “Liberate Your IRA” are significant. We can help you reduce your risk in these perilous times.

Odds are you have life insurance, car insurance, homeowners or renters insurance and health insurance. It's time you consider reducing the risk to your retirement account by protecting it too.

I started taking IRA's and retirement plans offshore in 1994 to help my clients protect their accounts and to give them greater flexibility in their investment choices. You'd be hard pressed to find someone with more experience than Sovereign International Pension Services.


By the way, I'd be negligent if I didn't include a couple of comments others are making about the current situation in case you think I'm the only one banging the drum. Here are a few headlines you may not have seen in the mainstream media.

Harry Dent Jr.:

In the unprecedented market crash that he foresees to hit this year, which will send stocks plummeting as much as 90%, refrain from routinely telling clients to stay the course and rebalance.

“That won’t work. The market is just going to keep going down. Richer people are going to lose the most. People will lose money, and … financial advisors are going to need bodyguards to keep their clients from shooting them,” Dent tells ThinkAdvisor in an interview.

Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s economists warned the probability of a U.S. recession in the next year may be as much as 35% as they cut their forecasts for growth due to the hit from soaring oil prices and other fallout from the war in Ukraine. 

Why Invest in Real Estate?

Many people choose to open a Self-Directed IRA Account (SDIRA) in pursuit of greater investment freedom. Instead of being limited to plan investments, assets in a self-directed IRA can be invested in almost any investment the account holder wishes—including real estate, start-up companies, or even gold.

Traditionally, real estate has been one of the go-to investment vehicles when it comes to SDIRA portfolio diversification. Not only is real estate less volatile than the stock market over time, but the security it offers in the form of a tangible, equity asset is unique. If done correctly, investing in real estate should be able to meet the retirement account’s goal of earning good returns in the long term, security of retirement funds, and portfolio diversification to minimize the risk of losses.

I urge you to take action while you can. As always, I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
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