The MDT Approach to the
Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse Cases Involving Recantation 
A Monograph
Jerri Sites, Regional Training Specialist for SRCAC, collaborated with Eddie Chase, Senior Attorney for the Child Abuse Prosecution Project of the Association of Prosecuting Attorneys (APA), to write a monograph titled The MDT Approach to the Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse Cases Involving Recantation . The monograph expands on Jerri’s Research-to-Practice paper , which focuses on reducing the potential for recantation, and was
published by SRCAC and the National Children’s Advocacy Center in September 2017. 
The monograph shares additional research-based information related to the investigation and prosecution of child abuse cases in which children recant. By including case scenarios to illustrate the system’s response to recantation and the MDT’s effort to prevent recantation from occurring, the authors paint a picture of the difficulty child abuse professionals can face, as well as the successes they can share when working together as a team. 

The monograph is now available here.

Medical and Legal Training Academy
November 13-15, 2018

Medical and Legal Training Academy is a two-track concurrent training designed for medical providers (physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses and RN-SANEs) who evaluate and treat child abuse victims and for legal professionals (prosecuting or child welfare attorneys) who prosecute child abuse cases.
What Previous Attendees Have To Say About Medical/Legal Training Academy…

“The medical information definitely stands out. I’m a prosecutor and have never been educated in the physical signs of trauma.”

“This was a wonderful way for our [medical] expert to understand how and why we do what we do and for the attorney to really get a better idea of what they do and how they make their findings.”

“Excellent conference - fantastic presenters...learned a lot and feel very excited to be in this field.”

 “Dr. Farst is an excellent presenter who possesses a wealth of information.”

 “Excellent practice for new attorneys and for the SANEs who have never testified.”

“Excellent [training] for preparing us for court.”
Registration Is Now Open

Cost: $49 per person

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