South End Construction Coordination Announcement

DATE: Friday, April 5, 2024

The City of Burlington (the City), in partnership with the Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), has several capital projects slated for construction within the South End of Burlington that have been carefully coordinated and phased to mitigate impacts to the community and the transportation system. The plan is known as the South End Construction Coordination Plan (SECCP) and is shown graphically below.

The City, in partnership with VTrans, would like to continue providing progress updates for the projects included in the SECCP and other relevant projects being completed in the immediate area. This update provides an update on several active projects including (but not limited to) the Champlain Parkway Project, Burlington Great Street Projects, and Reconnecting Downtown Burlington Projects. 


On Monday, April 8, 2024, the City is expecting a significant amount of visitors to the area to witness the once-in-a-lifetime solar eclipse and will be hosting the Obscura BTV Total Solar Eclipse celebration! To accommodate the crowds and the celebration event, the City will be closing many roads, click here to view road closures and viewing locations, or visit the Obscura BTV website. All construction activities will be on hold on Monday, April 8, in observance of this rare event.

Please remember to be safe and plan ahead!

Have questions about Obscura BTV Total Solar Eclipse celebration, please email


Location: The initial contract includes the construction of the Champlain Parkway from Home Avenue to Lakeside Avenue, upgrades to Lakeside Avenue, and improvements to the section of Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Kilburn Street.

Project Progress: The first construction season (2022) focused on the installation of underground utilities (water, sewer, electric and communication duct bank) and stormwater infrastructure between Home Avenue and Sears Lane, and the sand filter installed the Miller Building on Lakeside Avenue.

The second construction season (2023) included work throughout the limits of the initial contract referenced above. Crews completed the installation of the remaining underground utilities and stormwater infrastructure, reconstructed the roadways between Home Avenue and Sears Lane, and constructed the Champlain Parkway between Home Avenue and Lakeside Avenue. Crews began utility and roadway reconstruction work along Lakeside Avenue in June and began roadway rehabilitation and drainage work along Pine Street in August. Throughout the winter crews continued installing traffic signal equipment at the intersections of the Champlain Parkway at Home Avenue, Flynn Avenue, Sears Lane, and Lakeside Avenue.

Project Forecast: Construction activities for the third and final construction season (2024) of the initial contract are anticipated to begin on April 15. Construction activities will take place throughout the initial contract limits and focus on completing all remaining work included in the initial contract.

Between Home Avenue and Lakeside Avenue, work will include final line striping, completion of the traffic signals, landscaping and tree planting, the installation of permanent roadway signage, and general clean-up.

Along Lakeside Avenue, crews will pave the final lift of pavement on the roadway and driveways, install final line striping, construct the shared-use path, landscape and general clean up.

The bulk of the work this construction season will take place along Pine Street between Lakeside Avenue and Kilburn Street. Crews will install the remaining sections of curb, construct the remaining portions of the eastside sidewalk, complete sewer manhole adjustments and drainage structure rehabilitation, pave the final lift of pavement on the street and shared-use path, install final line striping and permanent roadway signage, install the raised intersections at Kilburn Street, Marble Avenue, and Howard Street, construct the bus shelters, and complete landscaping and general clean up.

In addition, crews will construct the shared-use path connection between the south end of Pine Street and Shelburne Street (Route 7) that will run along Potash Brook.

Construction on the initial contract of the Champlain Parkway project is anticipated to be completed this summer.


Location: The final contract includes the construction of the Champlain Parkway from existing I-189 near its intersection with U.S. Route 7 to Home Avenue, and the section of Pine Street between Kilburn Street and Main Street. 

Project Forecast: The final phase of the project is anticipated to be advertised for construction in the spring of 2024. Construction is anticipated to begin later this construction season (2024).

For additional information, please visit the project website or contact the project team via the project hotline, 802-496-8956, or by email at

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Location: This work will include full reconstruction of Main Street between Pine Street and South Winooski Avenue – shifting curb lines, subsurface utilities, signals, new sidewalks and off-street bicycle facilities, and streetscape elements.

Project Progress: The current focus of work on the Main Street project is on bypassing the 150+ year-old ravine sewer that runs under portions of Downtown Burlington. Major sewer work behind the fire station and on Main Street between S. Union Street and South Winooski Street has been completed and included excavation work and installation of a new sewer pipe. Currently, the contractor is working to replace the sewer mains within the St. Paul Street/Main Street intersection.

Work within the Maple/Church Street intersection is scheduled to be completed in mid-April. The contractor is finishing up the installation of sewer bypass pump systems, utility relocation, and installation of new sewer mains.

Project Forecast: The ravine sewer work is anticipated to last six to seven months – likely through late summer 2024. Water and sewer line work along the entire Main Street corridor is anticipated to begin in the summer of 2024, and work to complete all underground pipework is anticipated to continue through Summer 2025.

All work on Phase I of the Great Streets: Main Street project is anticipated to be completed in November 2026.

For additional information, please visit the project website or contact Natalie Boyle, Public Information Consultant, by phone, 802-855-3893, or by email at

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Ledge Road Water Main Rehabilitation – located along Ledge Road beginning just east of the Shelburne Street Roundabout and continuing just east of Hillcrest Road, is anticipated to begin this spring.

Pine Street Sewer Replacement – located along Pine Street between Bank Street and College Street, is anticipated to begin the week of April 15th and continue for approximately three weeks. 

For more information about projects being completed by the City of Burlington Department of Public Works Divisions of Technical Services and Water Resources, please contact by phone or email or check out the City of Burlington’s Construction Portal for additional projects. 

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