January 10, 2020
Sonic Wave Technology
Once again, thank you so much for all your positive responses to our Newsletters. With every Newsletter we get more people signed up as Demo Locations, Dealers, and several of you are working towards your free Sonic vibration machine.

The one thing that sets true Sonic WBV as the World’s leader in WBV machines is by far the Sonic Wave Technology. While standing or sitting on the sonic machine you are also in a coherent Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field which I feel is the true magic to sonic vibration exercise.

Way back in 2005 when I was trying out all the various vibration machines available at the time, there was the mechanical tri-planer machines, the mechanical pivotal machines, and then there was the Goldilocks machine, the original Turbosonic, which worked on the principals of nature utilizing coherent electromagnetic sine wave frequencies and its plane of motion was strictly vertical.

In nature, our human bodies are very tuned into sine waves, we see a spectrum of sign wave frequencies of light and images, and our brains convert those frequencies into images and colors. The same is true of hearing, we hear various sine wave frequencies and it is converted into sounds, speech, and music. The earth, the moon, and all the cosmos function on electromagnetic sine wave frequencies with the changing of the tides, and some people's behavior patterns.
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Featured Sonic Vibration Locations!
It's hard to find anyone more enthusiastic about Sonic Whole Body Vibration Exercise than Dr. Joe Gustafson at Back To Nature Holistic Medicine in Lees Summit, outside Kansas City, Missouri. He's one of the newest doctors in the Good Vibe Tribe but has already seen outrageous results, with his patients, family and himself. He says post-surgical rehab patients using the Sonic exercise are amazed at the speed of their recovery. Starting out with Newtonian biomechanical principles, he was able to get rid of his rehab equipment when he started using sound and frequency. He loves that SonicLife machines can both rehab and exercise. At the risk of sounding a little woo-woo, by instructing the user on a few breathing techniques he feels they get the equivalent of an hour of yoga and meditation in ten minutes of sonic WBV.

Long an advocate for the benefits of exercise, Dr. Joe says "I've quit working out. I only use the Sonix now. I've had incredible results. My body fat is down to nothing. I don't foresee using weights again." His daughter Jessica is...
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Sonic Vibration Tip of the Day
 Sitting on the Sonic Plate
With this email Newsletter, I’m going to go with sitting on the plate to give it a try. I’m going to go into this in more detail in the next Newsletter. But just give it a try first. Put the unit in Manual Mode at about 30-35 Hertz set the power at 10-30 % and just quietly sit on the plate for 10 minutes or more with legs crossed Indian style and relax. Feel the slight vibration and feel the sonic wave technology stimulating your spinal column, feel your natural energy moving in your spinal fluid and just relax. Let me know how it goes for you.
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