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A Little Luck...
So, things in general don’t seem to be improving quickly—but they are improving!

Vaccinations are starting to happen, there is tentative re-opening around the country and we’ve done fairly well overall here in NE Fl as far as limited restrictions. We know many of you are juggling a lot.

Most of you have been able to hang in there and we appreciate it. If anyone is struggling or expects they might soon, here are some newer links for information on the relief in the proverbial pipeline.

Regardless of all that we’ve been through and continue to contend with, if you’re reading this, you are enjoying a bit of luck. You have a home (one we hope you love). You weren’t trapped in a deep freeze for days with no power. Speaking of coping this may seem a little extreme but if you’re interested, here’s a link to some basic survival skills we should all probably know!

Back to your home--if there is anything we can do to help you love your home more, let us know by emailing marketing.

We can’t promise we can act on everything that is sent our way but we’ll certainly take it under advisement.

In the meantime, the FIRST resident who sends the correct answer (to marketing) to the riddle below will receive a $25 gift card (because…. you know the answer…it pays to read the whole newsletter!)

According to Irish Lore, what or who was driven out of Ireland by Saint Patrick?

The FPM Properties Team

We do need to remind you (if you were unaware) that we suspended late fees at the beginning of the pandemic as a courtesy; those have been reinstated as of Oct. (if you have questions/want more specifics, email marketing)
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