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Dear Ministry Partner,

In Indonesia, there is a rise of TikTok and YouTube pastors who are conveying teachings that are very confusing. There are also debates between fellow priests who attack each other's sermons and teachings that they convey via YouTube and TikTok. I am very grateful for the CCI teaching materials. This learning becomes a filter for the teachings that are currently rife. The learning of the CCI curriculum not only helps me, but also helps all teachers and students. Misleading interpretations can be overcome by studying and I can keep my faith from being polluted by false doctrines.

Thank you for your prayers and your support,

Frids Lumba

CCI Indonesia National Director

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A new CCI class commenced in Dasa Elu with 5 students. In preparation for the upcoming months, one of the participants is undergoing training to become a teacher for this class. Furthermore, a similar approach has been adopted for a class in Central Sumba who initiated their studies only last month. Eventually, both teacher candidates will partake in a Teacher Training Workshop.

I had the privilege of instructing the Pelita Kasih class in Makassar and feel immensely thankful as we successfully completed book 3: New Testament Survey at the end of June. The students are now fully prepared to start book 4. It's wonderful to see the students' zeal for learning, considering they travel over an hour just to attend the classes.

I taught the class on Book 2: Old Testament Survey and on the 4 remaining minor prophet books at Rusa Street in Makassar. The students expressed their feedback, highlighting how knowing the background of each book helped them better understand the books of the Bible. They acknowledged their past preaching approach was solely looking at the Bible verses without considering the background, leading to a biased approach while conveying God's Word.


"My name is Musa, a participant in the Pelita Kasih class in Makassar. I am very grateful for being able to finish Book 3: New Testament Survey. I am so enthusiastic about learning because I feel the impact on my life and my family. Before I studied, I often fought with my wife and she didn't support me in my ministry at church as a leader of the flock. I was always ignorant and even tended to be rude to my wife. When I became involved in learning God's Word, it changed my heart, mind and character. The impact of learning was felt by my wife and our relationship as husband and wife was restored by God. Praise God that my wife's heart was changed by God and she began to support me in the ministry. I am also grateful because my friend also felt the impact that I experienced from this class, so that in July he will also join the new CCI class."

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Prayer Requests & Praises

·      Grateful for a new class that started in Dasa Ellu, West Sumba with 5 participants.

·      Grateful for the learning progress experienced by every learning class in Indonesia.

·      Pray that each student from the two classes who have completed their classes can catch CCI's vision to be involved in equipping others and also be able to support CCI's services.

·      Pray for plans to recruit the right person to replace the Mamasa Area Coordinator who resigned due to personal reasons.

·      Pray for plans to start CCI classes in West Kutai, East Kalimantan, temporarily for 3 people who declare themselves ready to learn. Please keep Pastor Andre in your prayers as he attempts to recruit more individuals to join these classes.

·      Pray for the right people in southeast Sulawesi to teach the CCI class since there are some students who are eager to learn but no one is willing to teach.

·      Pray for partners and key people in north Sulawesi, southeast Sulawesi, central Sulawesi, and east Kalimantan who are willing to work with CCI Indonesia in training and multiplying leaders.

·      Grateful for my daughter Joanne who has been accepted at a university in West Timor and will start studying effectively in August 2023. Please pray for her specifically, for the need for payment of semester fees every 6 months ($450/6 months), also for a motorbike to use in college because the distance where she lives is quite far from the college.

·     Pray for the 15 CCI teachers from Indonesia who would like to attend the CCI Global Conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand in November 2023. Although they can provide some funds personally, this group still needs a total of $3,750 for their airplane tickets. If you feel led to help us get to the CCI Global Conference, please click below.

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