Soarin' Hawk Newsletter

Hello and Happy Spring Equinox!
This past year Soarin' Hawk celebrated 20 years of providing state-of-the-art veterinary care for resident and migratory birds of prey that were injured or orphaned.  When we started in 1996, a handful of volunteers provided care for about 20 raptors and conducted a few educational presentations. The journey leading to present day has been incredible...

In 2016 our team of volunteers provided treatment and care for over 219 raptors and made over 100 educational presentations.

The Rescue & Rehab teams did a tremendous amount of work in 2016.
We had over 200 rescues.
This chart illustrates the mix of species that we encounter on a regular basis.

The Rehab crews provided medical treatment and physical therapy for 219 raptors.  

We provided 9,705 days of on-site care for rehab birds plus an additional 6,205 days of care for the resident birds. 

The crews served 4,017 pounds of healthy fare including rodents, chicks, wild game and fish.

The Education team conducted 104 presentations to 9,500 K-12 students, teens, and adults.

"How does my donation help birds of prey?"

There are no paid staff at Soarin' Hawk. Donations go primarily towards raptor care and outreach programs.

"Are you funded by the government? "

We do not receive any federal or state funding.  We rely solely on the generosity of people that care about the animals, who we share our world with.

So what's next?

The new year is well on its way and spring is just around the corner. With the new year we have new challenges. We're already setting records for the number of rescues brought to our facility this year. Due to the combination of increased visibility & the closure of other regional rehab centers, we now cover Indiana as well as parts of Ohio & Michigan. To meet the increasing needs of our new patients, we have to expand. Please continue to support us as we grow and adapt.

Please check our website for the many ways in which you can help care for and preserve raptors in the Midwest.

If you haven't already please sign up for the Kroger Rewards program and select us as your charity of choice. It doesn't cost anything and if every subscriber & a few of their friends participated, it would be a tremendous help!
Similarly, if you shop online, remember that every time you use a portion of the proceeds is donated to our organization.

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