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A Wish Fufilled 

Finding out that she is dealing with Cancer, Ellen has had a glitch in her life at the moment. Treatments, appointments and a slower life have not been easy for someone who was on the go. During an afternoon of watching a newly hatched eaglet, she shared with her friend Sue that she would love to see an eagle fly, not just sit in a cage at the zoo. A few times she unluckily watched for a siting in various areas around Allen County.

So, remembering seeing the educational program at school years ago, Sue was able to contact Soaring Hawk to see if they could help. On a cold, brisk, Saturday, Ellen was given the chance to meet Jefferson up close and personal. Although permanently injured, the eagle was able to fly, for the surprised Ellen, in an open field not too far from her home.

It was a fitting activity of others going out of their way to give an experience to someone who has given so much to others!   She was touched and encouraged that Soaring Hawk would do that just for her!


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