With lights dimming on one year and another waiting in the wings, let’s reflect for a moment on the numerous arts events you participated in during 2018.

  • Think about the piece of artwork that took your breath away
  • Relive the dance performance where you felt you too were soaring across the stage.
  • Rekindle the excitement you felt in the theater as the curtains closed to enthusiastic applause.
  • Remember being transported to another place as you listened to the recitation of words eloquently strung together.
  • Hum along (again) with the crescendo of that hauntingly beautiful melody.
  • Let the vivid triumph of the big screen inspire your real-life plot.
More than eight million such experiences served South Carolinians and visitors: 43,170 artists; 6,753,924 adults; and 1,236,652 youth last year*. And most of them were made possible by South Carolina Arts Commission and South Carolina Arts Foundation statewide services and programs.

Support from you makes a big difference in delivering quality services and those immersive art experiences to all corners of the state. When you support the S.C. Arts Foundation's Arts Growth Fund , you support a worthwhile cause and you help start the creation of memorable experiences – for yourself and so many others.

A gift to the Arts Growth Fund kindles the exceptional talent within our borders that leads to these experiences. (Go ahead and see it for yourself: search “#SCartists” on social media platforms to see how they engage all the senses.)

Please include a generous gift to the S.C. Arts Foundation’s Arts Growth Fund in your end-of-year giving plans.

We need your help to make it possible for more people to “start experiences.” Visit the link to learn more about SCAF programs and to donate.

* As reported in S.C. Arts Commission grantee final reports for FY18.