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February 2011

Is it really possible that it's snowing again?  Did I even hear the meteorologist use the dreaded phrase:  "wintry mix"?  Uggggh! 
To help you through this next storm, we'll show you the silver lining in that ominous snow cloud by telling you ways to celebrate February right here in Egleston Square! 
You'll read about a great local trainer, a local green cleaning company AND where to buy local meat and dairy products!!
I'm feeling better already!

Neighborhood Meat Market in Egleston Square Now Selling Local Pork

Buy Local and Shop Local

plaza meat market

Plaza Meat Market

207 Boylston st., between Amory and Washington Streets, one block from Stony Brook T, and near the 42 bus. Map!

Thought you had to search far and wide for locally produced food?  Think again!  Plaza Meat Market, a 30 yr old neighborhood market, stocks local products including local eggs, milk, butter and baked products including bread, and pastries and desserts.   

THIS FRIDAY February 4th, Plaza Meat Market will begin carrying local pork(Perfect for your Super Bowl party!!)  A whole pig will arrive every other Friday beginning on Friday, February 4th.  Every cut of pork, offal, and bones will be available.  Come on the weekend for fresh, local pork!  Frozen cuts available throughout the week as well.  Prices on the local pork will be the best in the city, as Plaza Meat Market is buying the animals whole, which significantly drops their cost. Cuts of pork will be signed in Spanish and English.

Plaza Meat Market will also begin selling more local butter, eggs, and milk.

With community support, this neighborhood shop will carry more and more local products.  By shopping here, not only will you support Harry, the owner, and his staff, you will meet your neighbors and invest in your neighborhood!  We hope that with neighborhood support they will soon carry local beef, chicken, produce and shelf items.  The owners have already committed to buying City Growers produce (grown in Dorchester and Roxbury) when CG's season begins this June.

Come and get fresh local pork next weekend (Feb 4/5/6) and show local business owners you support them and want local food.

Other Ways to Celebrate

February in Egleston Square!   

Celebrate National Green week (Feb 7-11) by checking out All Time Service a green commercial cleaning company on Forest Hills Street.  


Celebrate Black History month by visiting the National Center for Afro-American Artists on Walnut Ave.

Celebrate American Heart Month by getting trained in the best exercise techniques, working with local trainer Carlos Moran at Soulful Body Fitness. 

and Celebrate Library Lovers' Month visiting the Egleston Square library, 2044 Columbus Ave. 

And something else to look forward to! 

The Hottest...Coolest...
Cool friends at the event
party of the year returns!  

The 4th Annual

Hot Jazz

Cool Neighborhood


Merchants and community partners arrive
APRIL 27th
Doyle's Cafe
Mark your calendar and invite your friends!
Tickets are just $10!  
More info to follow!  
So, as the snowflakes keep falling, just remember that despite the shoveling, there ARE things to celebrate this month here in Egleston! 

See you in the Square!

Betsy Cowan
Egleston Square Main Street