Police Interaction Events Explained by Prosecutor
Marion Country Prosecutor Ryan Mears, who faced criticism earlier this year for failing to utilize Indiana’s “Red Flag” law against a man who later used a gun to shoot and kill eight people at a Fed Ex facility, addressed this month's Race and Cultural Relations Leadership Network meeting. He discussed the last four police interaction events, explaining that his office has 72 hours to decide if they are going to file charges against the person arrested. He stressed that it is important not to rush to judgement—to let the investigative process play out. In one case his office recommended that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to investigate the police shooting of an individual who had a background of mental instability. For more on the Office of the Marion County Prosecutor.
Preliminary Findings on Second Chance Employment Study Out
The community of HR professionals in the warehouse and logistics industry, who have been hard pressed to fill vacancies recently due to high employment figures and Pandemic relief programs, are the first to have received preliminary findings in the landmark study by Butler University’s Lacy School of Business. The study, produced in association with UNITE INDY and other donors, reviewed more than 700 employee records for demographics, work experience, employee performance, and criminal history. For many years, anecdotal evidence pointed to positive results for many employers who supported post-incarceration hiring, but soon we'll have statistical evidence. Here’s the good news: Ex-offenders—especially those with a felony—were shown to be among the most successful hires an HR department can make. Watch for hard numbers next month! Learn more about Butler University's Lacy School of Business.
Edna Martin Christian Center Expands!
Paintings of Founder Edna Martin, and past Executive Director, the late Rev. Frank Alexander, were dedicated at a ribbon cutting for Edna Martin Christian Center’s (EMCC) newly renovated Leadership and Legacy Center at 2259 Ralston Ave. Recent improvements include renovation and upgrade of the existing infrastructure, improved communications facilities, and updated wiring, plumbing, and insulation throughout. A new Early Childhood Center has also been added, enabling EMCC to offer expanded high-quality childcare to their many services. Find out more!
Inmate Correspondents Zoom to Discuss How Best to Serve
UNITE INDY's Nancy Cotterill (pictured) and Sara Cobb, the organizations's Inmate Correspondent Team Leader, met with those who are writing to inmates in Central Indiana. The group shared experiences, best practices and the moving stories they have been a part of as they write. There was plenty of laughter too!
More writers are needed! This is a great volunteer opportunity for someone who cannot get out of the house easily or anyone with a heart for those who have often been abandoned by family and friends. Got questions? Email Nancy! Or, if you have no questions, Volunteer NOW!
God Nudges? Everybody Gets Them
God Nudges? It’s a call to do something and do it now. You don’t wait for three signs from God and an angel to appear in the sky. You just do it because sometimes your promptness is important to the plan He has for someone, and you are just lucky to be a part of it. One night that happened to a Chicago preacher. It’s an amazing story! Oh and there's another one about Oprah. Check out Nancy’s newest blog post! Here!
Why Support UNITE INDY?
UNITE INDY fights the root cause of poverty, which impacts many of the other major problems we face in our city.
In addition to a major effort to work with the 12,000 inmates reentering our area after incarceration, we are working to improve employment in our poorest neighborhoods.

How You Can Support Jobs for Justice- Involved Individuals
3. Become a Member - Your tax deductible gift will buy either 5 Student Workbooks for a class or 10 meals for students, their mentors, and instructors to gather around a table before each class, sharing food, transforming the moment into something more unique by creating a sense of community, which strengthens the relationship building process. 
Support of Ministries and Charities:
Since 2017 UNITE INDY has provided a free web-based system at UNITEINDY.org that connects churches, ministries, and other charities to share their volunteer needs or needed items. UNITE INDY also provides the manpower necessary to assist smaller organizations—that have no one to upload needed items—the help they require to access this service. Through this portal, UNITE INDY has brought hundreds of volunteers and thousands of dollars worth of needed goods into the hands of those who assist the poor.

Serving the Servants:
UNITE INDY comes behind urban pastors and ministry leaders by addressing personal and professional needs with free services for those who work tirelessly in their neighborhoods to care for the needy and bereft. 

Remember, almost 1 out of every 3 children in Indianapolis lives below the poverty level, yet even in the aftermath of the COVID shut down, as our economy comes back to life and employment is returning, all this good news stops at the lines surrounding many of our inner city neighborhoods. In some neighborhoods of Marion County unemployment is now 21%, and poverty remains the overwhelming divider of people.

Please donate to UNITE INDY now. There are a number of choices that are all secure and safe. By sending your fully tax deductible gift* now we can have a greater impact meeting needs in our community in 2021.

Many, many thanks!

 *UNITE INDY, Inc. is approved under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3) as a Public Charity, donors can deduct contributions they make under IRC Section 170.
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