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Hello and Happy New Year! We’re looking forward to a very productive 2023. We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for your commitment to Renaissance last year (and prior). We supplied thousands of squares of new and reclaimed natural roofing slate, clay, tile, and concrete tile along with tens of thousands of units of trim tiles throughout North America. The volume of work was overwhelming at times, but with a great supporting staff here at Renaissance we accommodated the vast majority of our requests and needs. Thank you!

New Natural Slate

For decades, Renaissance has provided various options of new natural roofing slate. Not until recently have we taken our distribution aspirations to the next level in being able to offer nearly any S1 rated slate at reasonable current market pricing and excellent lead times.

We provide all colors of slates produced in the “Slate Valley” in Vermont and New York and Phyllites produced in Arvonia, VA.

We import natural roofing slates produced in Canada and Spain (the true non-fading black slates).

Call or email me your request(s) today. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our options and availability.

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Reclaimed Natural Slate

When new slate isn’t required for your project, we offer a vast inventory of previously installed/weathered roofing slates that tend to closely match your existing slate roof much better than new slate.

Reclaimed slates typically encounter decades worth of natural weathering and subtle color tone changes that are not prevalent in a new slate. When matching your client’s roof, it’s best to use a similarly aged slate to ensure proper aesthetic appeal.

Other clients prefer a reclaimed slate over a new slate due to the “instant aged” look and feel, various color blends, thicknesses, and age.

Contact me with your reclaimed slate request(s) today.

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New Clay Tile

Renaissance works closely with most major producers of new clay roofing tile throughout North America and several abroad. When your project requires a new clay roofing tile, may it be due to a failing existing tile roof, improper installation, insurance claim, or simply changing the look/feel of the existing roof, we can assist in navigating you through the various processes required for purchasing a new clay tile roof.

With your approval, we will calculate the quantities required, determine the best solution for the project, submit samples for approval (as needed), and see your order through from placement to final delivery.

Many new clay tile roofing systems today require significant advance planning and preparation and we’re here to help expedite the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Reclaimed Clay Tile

If there is something I have an immense passion for, it’s reclaimed clay roofing tile! Stuart Matthews, founder of Northern Roof Tiles and self-proclaimed “roof tile junkie” would probably agree. I have personally invested over 2 decades of time and effort learning about and “collecting” large and small lots of fine roofing tiles and trim accessories. At any given time, we will have in stock 5,000 squares or more of reclaimed roofing tiles along with hundreds of thousands of trim tiles (my warehouse manager will likely tell you there’s more).

If you need an obscure tile produced in 1890 to match an existing roof and simply can’t find it anywhere else or want a truly unique tile roof using entirely reclaimed roofing tile, we have you covered! You’ll be hard pressed to find a “bone yard” as sizable as ours.

Give me call some time. Let’s talk tile!

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Trim Tile

Every tile roofing system, may it be clay or concrete, requires correlating trim accessories that fit each individual tile roof (much like puzzle pieces). We have literally hundreds of thousands of units of trim tiles for hundreds or varying profiles, colors, textures, and eras of roofing tiles.

Whether you need a few “bird stops” for your Spanish tile roof or you’re hunting for the impossible “original C-9 Ridge Cresting” for 100yr old Ludowici T-1 French tile roof, we likely have it in stock or know right where to get it through our network of vendors and suppliers. We strive to provide viable solutions for every roofing tile profile out there.

As a last-ditch effort, we can discuss custom reproducing these hard-to-find trim tiles or something simpler, like custom copper fabrication to fit.

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New Concrete Tile

Renaissance works closely with the major producers of new concrete roofing tile. Over the past decade, we have noticed a trend of replacement of 100-year-old original concrete roofing tile. Instead of repair or restoration, many of these roofs have served a lengthy life span and are now being replaced with similar appearing concrete tile roofs.

Age and storm damage are the two major reasons for the replacement of concrete tile roofs. As you may know, major weather events, such as hurricanes devastate regions with heavy concentrations of concrete tile roofs (Florida as an example).

We can help you properly navigate your concrete tile roof replacement process. We can assist with quantifying the roof, sending samples for approval, and executing the order on your behalf and seeing it through to fruition.  

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Reclaimed Concrete Tile

Although in rapid decline, we still maintain a stockpile of good and intact reclaimed concrete roofing tile dating back nearly 100 years and more current products from producers that are no longer in operation.

Not only do we have a fair stock of these tiles on hand, but we also have a great network of resources in regional areas of the country who can generally provide some of these hard-to-find tiles as well.

Contact me with your reclaimed concrete tile request(s) today.

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The Necessary Extras

Snow Retention

Alpine Snowguards use a proven/patented fastening method that will maintain the integrity of the roof, without voiding the roofing manufacturer’s warranty and can be installed on new or existing (retrofit) roofs. Many of their snow guards are available in a multitude of color and powder coating options to match any roof and please even the most discerning taste.

Web: Alpine Snowguards


Renaissance offers a variety of fasteners for your tile or slate roofing project. We offer smooth-shank or ring-shank copper or stainless-steel roofing nails in 25lbs. quantities.

Black stainless steel slating hooks are available per pound or per piece.

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"S" Tile Bird Stops

Introducing a custom produced 20oz. copper Bird Stop for “S” Tiles. These durable strips are fabricated of heavy 20oz. copper and are available in strips of 58” (7 bird stops per strip).

 With minimal lead time and reasonable cost, these Bird Stop Strips are a great alternative solution to clay or concrete pieces.

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Proper Planning for 2023

Surely by now you’re fully aware of the significant lead times and shortages plaguing the industry as we’ve all been affected by it. As we navigate these obstacles together, we’re here to help in any way possible. We have some general recommendations:

  • QUOTING – Ensure your pricing is up to date, at least every 30 days for any projects being quoted or potential sold jobs upcoming. This includes freight charges.

  • SOLD JOBS – Make sure you notify me immediately of your respective sold jobs. Many materials have been and are cross quoted to other clients and we cannot guarantee the availability of some products due to supply and demand. We cannot “hold” materials based upon verbal agreements.

  • FUTURE PLANNING – Many of my clients, as well as yours, are accustomed to “on demand materials”. As such, this drive costs up. I encourage you to discuss shortages and extended lead times with your clients. Planning for projects several months away is easier to accomplish than “needing it tomorrow”.

  • ALTERNATIVES – In some instances, our clients are receptive to alternative products (reclaimed versus new or concrete versus clay). Flexibility is helpful if possible.

Call or email today and we can further discuss your upcoming needs. I’m happy to help.

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